Servers are Broken. Disconnect constantly

Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox Series X
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 2132

Bug Description:

Disconnected constantly in comabt

Bug Reproduction:

As many others have reported, I am constabtly getting disconnected from servers when in combat. This is across all servers I have tried. The game is unplayable right now and there hasn’t been any answer or acknowledgment that it is even an issue that I can tell. Can we please get some kind of updated as to when or if this will be fixed? I don’t want to keep purchasing things from a broken game


Update: was able to play last night for 3 hours on a server with 1 person and me on it. Best since the patch.

Every server I’ve tried has serious stabilty issues. Its luck if the any of the servers I play on are ever even up and runnning when I pick up the sticks. Most days I end my game because the server goes down. Not because I’m done playing.

When they do go down, like they do every single day multiple times, its a 2 hour wait minimum.

I get we aren’t paying a monthly fee like a world of warcaft or something but for God’s sakes I’ve bought every single add on and bazaar item. Can you please do something with these servers so we can actually use what we purchased?

Since we have no answers let me take a guess. Our servers cant handle the game we made with the new updates but we dont want to upgrade them cause thats expensive. If it was simply coding errors I doubt it would be over a month to get this fixed.

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PC has a huge thread about this as does PS. Broken game!!! No answers is pissing people off Funcom.

Dune taking up all the resources? No way im playing that after seeing their lack of in game support for Conan. Funcom you messed up and continue to by not giving any answers.

Youre willing to sell us trinkets in game and want our money but then don’t support what we paid for.

Why fix something when we already have your money i guess?

I’m waiting to be proven wrong but I doubt it.

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Yea since update i randomly crash in combat or by big bases on an xbox series x!!! Im on multiple servers, 2880 by far the worse and despite reporting it night after night it never gets better. It crashes when pvp time hits and goes down for a minumum of an hour each time and generally more than once. Im also on 7057 which is less populated so less server crashes but still randomly crashes when in combat since the last update. Its ruining the game for me and everyone else unfortunately. Cant somebody make gportal get better more capable servers?

Have funcom really not responded to all these bug reports?

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We are having the same issues with constant disconnect on the PVE server 2500 constantly disconnecting during a purge and sometimes during normal fights

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Update: 2880 down twice during conflict time for 2+ hours last 3 days! That means virtually no conflict time. :frowning: On 7057 I crashed 5 consecutive times while fighting scorpion boss near boss summoning pools. :frowning:

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