Disconnected from server constantly

Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox Series X
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 2960

Bug Description:

Not sure if this is a server performance issue or a bug but as it’s affecting everyone I speak to on this server I’m going with, it’s a bug. In certain areas of exiled lands we are getting hit with constant “lost connection to the server” alerts and are booted out. It’s very bad in the savannah area of 7G. It’s also happening whenever I fight bosses and engage in pvp raids. Tonight it happened mid raid and the game handed all my gear and the life of 2 thralls to the other clan after I lost connection and according to that other clan, it happens a lot to them as well. This is making the game unplayable. Please can this be fixed?.

Bug Reproduction:

Go to 7G and fight the boses, this is where I get the most issues but it can happen anywhere.

I hope i


I hope i have put this in the right place

The same happens to me, unrelated to lag. It seems to be caused by purges or large animals/bosses with attacks that hit a wide area. Rhino charges and elephant sweep attacks cause it pretty frequently. Sand reaper queen and rocknose king seem to be the worst.

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It happens to me all the time, especially when in combat

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Same problem here. Official server PvE-C 2731. I’m not in a clan and I get kicked during combat all the time with even just a single gorilla.

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Friendly update: I respec’ed my attributes for the first time in a looooong time (maybe even since the 3.0 update) and haven’t been kicked from the server once! Happy days

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This has been going on across all the game modes (both consoles and PC). There is something creating an localized instability when combat is going on and especially if you have some models over others. (golems seem to reliably trigger this as well as greater rockroses)

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This has been going on over a month now. I’ve stopped any game progression because I don’t want to lose anything. Not even a hint from Funcom about a fix or how soon.


Dude, so when ever i tp i reset before it kicks me, it seems even worse if you have 2 thralls following. And the server restarts without anocement. Series S could be the problem since i dont see many x1 posts.

Yep been getting it frequently like a couple times per day. Seems completely random. Even just walking and then bam lost connection. The great thing is I can log right back in within 15 seconds and no problems. It’s an annoyance for sure. Unsure what was done in the last month that’s cause this as never had this before (Xbox s). It’s not a game killer but it is annoying and really shouldn’t be happening this frequently

At least once per log in with thralls. Hasn’t happened when I run solo. Also more proned with npc mobs and at eclipse time

Same issues here, all servers I play on. Usually happens when fighting big mobs, and with 2 thralls and or horse.

Can confirm running solo does not prevent it. Was soloing blood moon beast at pools the other day with no horse and no thralls and got constant disconnects.

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