Frequent, repeated disconnections during combat

Platform: Xbox Series X
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Empires of Avlyrra

Bug Description:

2 friends on next-gen consoles as well as myself have been experiencing very frequent disconnections during combat. It seems to be most frequently caused by enemies with large, area of effect attacks, such as the rocknose king’s spin attack, Rhino charge attack, and the sand reaper queen’s tail swipe. It has happened during other combat encounters against humans and small animals, but the attacks that have large, quickly moving hitboxes seem to be the worst. The issue happened sometimes in the later half of chapter 2, but was not as frequent and didn’t seem to be tied to area of effect attacks. The rocknose king can repeatedly disconnect a player as soon as they load back in until it is killed.

Bug Reproduction:

Play the game normally for a while and fight large bosses like the rocknose king and sand reaper queen. Try a purge, or just ride around the world and something will eventually see your horse, attack, and disconnect you.


I’ve had the same thing happen to be. It’s been on going for about 2 weeks but got worse since the update. After I’ve been disconnected, it will not allow me to join right away. The loading screen will go and then kick me out to the main menu. I had to attempt relogging over 10 times until I got on last night

We were kicked off no less than 10 times tonight while playing PVE-C server 2732. 9 out of 10 times were during a fight.

This has been happening to me specifically at Sepemaru while i’m trying to capture thralls, usually when im fighting a group of 4 or more (guards/thralls)

Happening on Exiled and Siptah on Official Servers for PC. Soon as you engage more than one or two enemies it will disconnect.

It’s like the game can’t handle its own resources and boots you for causing server load. I’ve lost several t4 thralls this way because i keep trying to reconnect, and they are fighting while i load in, only to be disconnected again immediately. I found the only solution, if you don’t want your followers to die, is to stay logged out, pray no other player enters the area and activates the ‘area, cell, chunk, w/e’ and wait for the thrall to despawn and return home. Not fun at all. Then you have to walk home and recollect your followers, then go back to resume what you were doing, and hope you dont get disconnected again. I’ve made so many ‘server performance’ reports, I’m afraid they’ll simply suspend me for report spam, but my god is it an issue.


A while ago on one of the official Funcom live developer streams one of the 2 guys thats always the ones doing the showcase (the red headed guy) said they were always having to worry about system limitations and memory issues, maybe the bubble popped with this last update, its just to much for consoles to handle, If we could completely migrate our characters to a PC version without losing anything I would probably consider dropping the $$ and getting a gaming PC just to keep playing this game, but starting over with zero of the DLC ive purchaced and none of the unlocks from AoS battlepass chapters is not ideal, i’d just stop playing at that point.

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Same exact thing happens on our rented server, so I rented a fresh server with no builds on it. spawned some competitors & I got disconnected running series X with gigabit fiber hardwired to console. This is yet another issue with this taped together POS. I just had Gportal tell me that the decay timers have been broken for years, YEARS & that they are “still investigating”.

Professional companies taking my money & giving amatuer service. Renting for 2 years & THEY broke my timers on June 2nd, 2022 when gportal blanked my server to default status for some still undetirmined reason. I’ve gotten NO help from any proper channels. The new dungeon is STILL broken on some servers. There’s a huge list of problems & all they’re concerned with is that store-front. That’s it.

Oh, and found out (predicted) why we lost our access to the Watcher Twitch gear. It was so we wouldn’t be able to share it any longer ala the black bazaar & battle-pass. I bet we’ll see them at some point, as it appears Funcom has gotten comfortable nickle & diming us for rags armor since September 1st. That’s what the watcher gear is. an incomplete rag set, so I’m sure they’ll have no problem sneaking those pieces into armor sets they’re abusing their customer base with in their store-front.


I have been greatly enjoying the spike of new content, and would probably buy the watcher armor if they sold it.
But I definitely agree that they are letting too many major gameplay problems like this in that should be a higher priority.

To update the initial report, the crashes still seem to be caused by aoe attacks from bosses, but I have had it in human purges as well. It randomly disconnects me to the main menu, and sometimes happened several times in a row, usually less than a second after my screen loads the world. I don’t know if it is fixed by time, proximity to thralls, or friendly thralls killing the enemies, but it can be a repeating cycle for a while. This has happened in relic hunter purges if it is relevant.

The crashes also seem more frequent on a populated server that has been open since 3.0, but still present on fresh ones as well.

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this is true palaidyn no 2208 man it’s hard to play my god sepemeru aasgard don’t even try to lock the door a disconnect connected take the minion and get out of there because it will fall again man before the magic update it was still possible to play after it was impossible

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