Redacted is recruiting for xbox. official PVP server clan

BETA Clan looking to recruit for launch. Will be on an official PVP server.

About clan
Non hostile clan.
Current members have been playing since launch.
Already have base planned out and builds to help assist with new/experienced players.
Will be able to provide the conan armor and sword to people who officially get recruited.

  • Looking for new/experienced players.
  • Must work well with others and respect privacy (no touching clan members chests if in private rooms)
  • Mature individuals

New players are welcome to join and be provided guidance. Stay true to the clan and we shall stay true to you.
Gamertag: Dratec617

Looking for a PvP clan on Xbox as well, sounds like we would make a good team. GT: NinjaKittyJen

Awesome. Ill message you on xbox with more details.

Looking to build a solid group to have fun gear up and level up together.

ConanexilesREDACTED(dot)enjin(dot)com linked now. Register with enjin and fill out an app today!

Still looking for people? Sent ya a message on Xbox gamertag is WightFeather. Still a bit of a noob to this game but I do have experience on other survivals and don’t mind the grind

Didnt see the request. If i dont see it when i get home. Ill add you. Any experience level is welcome.

7 more days till launch. Get ready fellow warriors. Anyone else interested. Message me. Still a few more slots available

im pumped for the 8th!!! 7 more days!!! lol but im a new player ready to go all in on this game so I figure a great clan is necessary TRUEraider21 is my GT on xboxLive send a msg pre launch or day 1 id like to join and I may have a person or 2 who are ready as well

Awesome. My gamertag is dratec617. Message dautrat on xbox and he can go over details with you.

Can’t wait for release we may be able to have a full clan by release day!

Hey I would love to join your clan. Just started playing but I’ve played ark for a long time. Just looking to switch it up to a new game. Neverscared821 is my gt

Hey i would love to join your clan I’m a huge grinder in games like this but I’d prefer to play with people games like this are more fun in groups

On server 1735. Will be glad to have you