Redeemed Legion is weaker than simple

Redeemed Legion is weaker than simple, created by t4 purge no longer has 428 defense(armor chest), but only 333, the simplest in the interface information says 308 and Redeemed 280 and more expensive.
I’m edit just to enrich the information.


I reported this on the testlive part of the Forum but got no response from a moderator while a later post about something important got a response. :frowning_face:

we noticed that the black cosair armor got less armor after patch too…

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You didn’t say which type of T4 armourer you used. So I will use the wiki as a reference instead.

Apparently, the patch changed the base armour value of Redeemed Legion Pauldron from 336 to 280:

A T4 armourer Shieldwright should give 32% more armour, so the base value of 336 X 1.32 should be 443.52. However, there are 3 types of armourers, as shown here:

If you used a Scoutwright or Temperwright, they only give 20% improvement to armour, so the base value of 336 X 1.20 should be 403.2.

I recently ( before the patch ) created a Redeemed Legion set using a Temperwright, and the armour is 403.2 as it should be. However, with the latest patch, the base armour value is now 280, so the armour value is a lot lower than it was before the patch.

Here is a picture of the armour that I made before the patch:

New values are as follows:
Shieldwright: 280 X 1.32 = 369.6
Scoutwrigth and Temperwright: 280 X 1.20 = 336

Here is a picture of the armour that I made after the patch using the same Temperwright thrall:

I created a base Silent Legion Pauldron and its base armour value is 308.

Why does the Redeemed Legion armour have base values that are lower than the Silent Legion armour?

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I was surprized today by this when I crafted the Redeemed chest plate for my thrall… It wasn’t even noted in patchnotes!

Hey there,

As mentioned in the thread about stats changes, this is being looked into at the moment to determine the cause for these changes. We’re finding the items affected and determine the cause for the change and its omission from patchnotes, either it being a bug or an undocumented change.

Thanks for the feedback.


I’m replicating just to enrich the information

I have been ‘effected’ by this as well, and am hoping that it is a bug and is fixed soon please! :slight_smile:

Just crafted one, armor restored back to 443


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