How can I craft these armor

We looted this armor from dead body (Its redeemed legions chest), but we have an t4 SHIELD armorer and he just craft us chests with 406 armor, not 443. The question is, we need a specific t4 SHIELD armorer? From purge maybe? How can we craft these chests with it amount of armor?

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You should be able craft it with any T4 Armourer as long as you learn the silent legion recipes.

You specifically need the heavy Silent Legion recipe from the Black Keep. Having light and medium SL recipes without having the heavy set won’t give you access to Redeemed for crafting. Delving bench will get you Black Knight, that won’t unlock it either.

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I know where the recipe is, and I know what kind of armor is, Im asking how can I get this chest with 443 armor instead of 406 (with t4 shield armorer I can just craft 406)

You need a shieldwright armorer. Thats the one with the blue shield on their icon.

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If you want to Admin spawn a few to familiarize yourself with the names in each faction, look for/type (no quotes) “Armorer_armor” in the NPC spawn section of the Admin panel. There are others, specifically Sepermeru armorers that have this characteristic.

As Wak says, you need a Shieldwright Armourer in the Garrison Armourer Bench to get the highest defense value. Made this way, you’ll also love the Redeemed Mids when you add Bulk Plating. :slight_smile:

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The funny thing is that I entered the post this morning and I try to summon you here . For some reason I lost connection and the message never reach the post . In anyway thank you once more for your stunning work :+1:

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I think what OP meant is, with a shieldwright in the armorer bench, crafted piece of a redeemed legion chest has 406 armor value which is highest possible, so why is this piece has 443.

I played with admin panel a bit, so far haven’t found a shieldwright that can craft 443 armor value chest piece yet.

My guess is that the 443 piece was crafted before nerf…not sure if there was a nerf tho.


Yep. Must be a remnant of older times. It’s valuable now :slight_smile:

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Ohhhh, thank you. I too received some from somewhere else, and just thought this was what we got with Shieldwright and +25 armor. This has been my Holy Grail for a few days, getting a Shieldwright to obtain just this thing.

Thanks for the video. As a returning player it helps me understand the changes with crafting;
But seriously dying the perfect and flawless Zamorian Thief armour in bright green ?! You look likes an apple ! :nauseated_face:

Wouldn’t the shield Wright and adding an armor patch increase the armor rating of that piece?

Yes, shieldwrights add 32% (heavy) armor bonus, from the original chest piece has 308 to 406

Master armor plating +15
Bulked plating +25, still only 431 but OP pic shows 443 and does not have any modify on it.

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