Regarding emotes on bazaar (Usable on thralls or only on player)

Hello poeple. Bought some stuff on bazaar (even with no regionalized prices for Brazil that make me pay 5 times more for anything, because 1 USD = 5,25 BRL), and im loving the stuff i bought, i could buy much more if it was adjusted to my region. Well the question is, i bougth one of the current emote bundle including emotes that i already had, just becuse i wanted the “Scan the horizon” emote, hopping i could use it on my guarding thralls over the wall, it would be amazing to having them watching on their post. Then i discovered after the purchase its not usable on thralls, what a cold water bucket on the head. So please FC make all emotes usable by thrall or specify on bazaar which ones is player only or thrall usable.

Latest Ice Bucket Challenge GIFs | Gfycat

Sometimes i feel like this:

  • The girl: represent the players trying to like and support the game
  • The one with the ice bucket is the FC

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@EduMariano Love way you describe what happened. We should know what we are buying.


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