Reincarnation Clan Recruiting Active Players

Reincarnation was one of the top Guilds’ in “Age of Conan” Tyranny Server. Reincarnation is coming to Conan Exiles and we are looking for some active players to rebuild the guild. We are going to be on official normal Server.

*We ask for maturity, and the ability to handle constructive criticism.
*Be a part of the guild and the community.
*Listen to the Officers
*Respect your Guildmates

Please email me at reincarnation01832@gmail .com or message me.

  • If you wish to join our guild. When sending the email or message just give me a brief history of who you are and why you want to join. Also add some games you have played. I will respond with a Discord invite. We are planning to play future MMORPG also.