Reinforced Hatch Frames

Game mode: Online
Problem: Misc

I made Reinforced Hatch doors, I choae the ones that you can see into (crafting items are: Steel Reinforcements and twine.) But i got the variant one which is solid… Looking into it i went in admin mode and its same issue there. Kinda sucks cause for my building i wanted and needed the other one (see through)

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

There are no see-through doors in the game as far as I know. Unless you use mods, which are not available on the xbox version. If you saw a video where they made a clear door, then they were using a mod on the pc version.

A hatch frame is like a horizontal doorway. It’s just a square hole you put in your ceiling instead of a solid ceiling tile. You can put any hatch door into any hatch frame, but all the doors are solid as well.

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One of the vanilla games t3 doors is an iron (or steel) grid … so can be seen through

So I’m guessing the OP wants the hatch door equivalent.


So this one is bugged?

I’ll have to test in singleplayer later. I haven’t really built much in t3 yet, and everyone else on my server is mostly building with the dlc stuff.

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I can confirm the above hatch door is bugged on xbox PvE multiplayer. Went ahead and spent the materials to make both types of reinforced hatch doors in my online server yesterday.

The thumbnail in your weapon wheel shows as the the correct one that I linked above, but when you go to place it, they’re both this same solid one…

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Yep bugged!

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