Relic Hunter Short Sword / Treasure Map

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1026
Mods: =MODS=

Bug Description:

First bug: The “Relic Hunter Short Sword” is a one hand sword. Yet it cannot be used on a mount, unlike the other one hand swords. Second bug: The “Treasure Map” we crafted with the construction hammer and placed a first time, becomes unusable once we pick it back up to our inventory. It is impossible to place it again, we have to craft a brand new map while the bugged one becomes useless.

Bug Reproduction:

The bugs have happened from the first time I used the items until now.

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Short Swords can’t be used mounted. The only standard agility weapon that can is a bow. If you’re lucky you will be able to find legendary strength style weapons that are agility based but this is a known design issue since 3.0 that their team has remained quiet over.

The Tulwar of Amir Khurum is an agility-based one handed sword that can be used while mounted. It can be obtained from legendary loot chests inside dungeons in EL.

But that isn’t a short sword but a legendary regular sword that is agility based vs the standard strength based.

I would imagine if they ever did a strength based short sword, they wouldn’t be able to use it on a horse.

Ok, I did not know about that. So far I have only been using bows, and as a close range weapon, that sword alone: The Predatory Blade. As you can see on the screenshots, it works fine on my horse even though it a strength based one hand sword. So I assumed all the one hand blades falling under the category of “Strength Weapon” could be used while riding. I stopped using that blade because of the update which makes it impossible to repair, and gave it to my thrall. I was looking for a “normal weapon” replacement, and found that Relic Hunter Short Sword quite handy.

Predatory Blade usable on a mount and with a glowing stick in the other hand.

Depicted as a Strength Weapon.

Yeah short sword is a specific type of weapon, like 1H swords or 1H axes. It has a different movement than regular 1h swords and the reason you can’t illusion them with regular 1h swords. The wiki has them separated out now. But when aos came out, I pointed out that agility melee weapons can’t be used on horseback…across the board. Apparently the fix is to make some legendary strength weapons agility based.

And yeah the short swords are nice with decent amount of damage. Not good at pvp because their attacks are so easily interrupted but great PvE killers

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