Relicwatchers Rise City

I started a City on relicwatchers Rise, its a work in progress.

I still need to redo the castle with the red roof, build the outer walls and entrygate and most of the interiors.

Its build on a provate server, no admin mode, harvest *3 and some mods (AoC, Pippi and Savage steel)

Citytop farming%20area


It’s a very nice spot. I built my town just south of the Rise, with the intention of building my palace on the Rise itself at a later date. Lots of flat land and a few steep rises to make the architecture more interesting - good places for watchtowers, artillery platforms, etc.

I really like the ambience in your city.

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You are welcome to get a login and come see it if you want :slight_smile:

Id also love to see your town. Maybe get some inspiration

I also am building on Relicwatcher Rise. I fell in love with this location very early on and can’t imagine my homebase being anywhere else. I’m new to the forums so pictures will have to wait for now.