Remembering MadLyric - Friday, July 20


Most of you know MadLyric, She was a dedicated to player the game and it’s community. A very proud Secret worlder and an Amazing Player. MadLyric was also very prominent in the LoMS Global (League of Monster Slayers) cabal. She had been the heart and soul of her Cabal for roughly 5 years, through TSW and now into SWL. Always helping players when they needed it, always that friendly voice you hear or helpful character you see when you need some assistance. MadLyric would seek out people to help, inviting those to her group to run missions with and there to offer a laugh when things may not go as expected. She was also very active in the community, that person you see in discord who would answer a question you ask when the rest of chat goes quiet. MadLyric was extremely funny, friendly, kind, caring, unselfish and a true friend. I hope you have all gotten the chance to meet and get to know her, she is what this community is all about.

It’s with a heavy heart that I say this, our very own MadLyric (Maddie) has passed away this evening (July 17th, 2018) from complications resulting of an infection from Lupus. She had been in the hospital for a couple weeks giving this the best fight she could. She’s a fighter and we all knew her for that. Maddie never gave up, never quit and didn’t back down. Unfortunately, Maddie lost her fight tonight. She will forever be remembered for her kind soul and beautiful spirit. There was never a time I can recall where she would put herself before others. We need to honour Maddie, show her how loved she was. I am sure Maddie is looking down upon us right now, watching out for each and every one of us as she always did. We love you MadLyric and we miss you very much, you left us way too soon. Although Heaven has a new Angel with them, we lost one of ours tonight. Maddie was always putting others before herself, it’s now time to focus on her.

On Friday July 20th, 2018 we are holding MadLyric’s Vigil, an afternoon of hope and prayer, remembering and friendship. A time for us all to come together and celebrate who Maddie was to us, the memories we have as well as put in a little Prayer for her. The event will happen in Agartha at The Rooted Grove (The dancefloor on the shops side of Agartha). Start time is 2pm EDT and will run through to 6pm EDT. Please check your local time at. World Clock - Time Zone Converter Throw on your best/most Purple in support and awareness for MadLyric and Lupus and come Join us in Agartha.

We are very proud to announce that this event is being held in cooperation with The Cape Radio. The Amazing and very talented DJ Nexus will be taking your requests. Please follow the link Requests Can Be Made here for the thread where you can Post a song that you would like to hear and request for MadLyric (Maddie) Messages can also be posted if you would like them read on air. Please keep in mind that radio sets can be a little tricky if not organized ahead of time so all Requests must be submitted by Midnight on the 19th of July, 2018. Requests posted after that time may not be accepted. Please check the world clock for when that time is for you by clicking this link. Reqest Submission Deadline

The Cape Radio can be heard by going to their website The Cape radio and clicking “In-browser” at the top under “get connected” You are also welcome and invited to join their Discord server at: The Cape Radio Discord to continue to enjoy the music of the Cape after the party or chat with the DJ’s during the event.

Dj DanyAngel has been kind enough to set up a stream for the event. They will be airing it live from 2pm to 6pm EST, you can check out his stream here Dj DanyAngel Twicth please stop by and check them out, support our streamers and those who are helping to bring this event to you LIVE.

Please Note: This event is not being run by Funcom, Secret World Legends or it’s development team. This is a community run event. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the thread.

Requests Thread July 20th, 2018

I did not know Madlyric well, but I have crossed her path hundreds of times in the last several years. When I learned of her passing I was brought to tears. My deepest sympathies go out to her grieving family and friends. May she rest in peace.


Deepest Sympathies to all concerned, a sad loss


I will absolutely be there. Will be a tad late but looking forward to talking and meeting with everyone there and hearing their stories and memories of her.
After she learned I do boxing, she made me this picture. I laughed so hard and love it. Have and will keep it forever.


I have appeared recently in the community even if I play this game since 1 year. I am very sad to hear the missing of MadLyric. She was so full of life, she left us too early. I hate to see disease win against the life, nothing should remove the life of a person before she has finished to live her life as she want.

All my condolences to his family and his entourage. SWL is not red but purple actually


Aw man. Condolences. Maddie was good people and I’ll miss seeing her around.


So very sad to hear. Sending lots of :purple_heart: love :purple_heart: and my condolences.


I only recently joined the community, but you don’t have to look far to see the impact MadLyric had on everyone. The outpouring of love from everyone on the discord, forums, LoMS forum, twitter, and in-game is a true testament to the kind of wonderful person she was.

Hugs and condolences to her friends and family.


That’s a bummer. RIP MD. You will be missed.


So sorry to hear about this. You guys are awesome for doing this for her. :purple_heart:


My condolences to her friends and family. One of the greatest parts of SWL is the community, and she embodied everything that the community should aspire to be. I’ll definitely be purpling myself up and being there on Friday evening.


So sorry for your loss :frowning:


A name I’ve seen countless times over the years but never had the chance to formally meet or speak to. A shame really, but they clearly made a big footprint in this community and that is perhaps what makes the community here so special. Even when it’s someone we have perhaps never even spoken to we feel some type of connection and loss when they disappear.

I will be working at the time but I certainly send best wishes and hope the community has a great time together after all I’m sure it’s exactly what they would want to see.


Knew Mad since TSW, played with her not too long ago. See ya friend will miss the big waves \o !!!God Bless.


I knew of her more so than I actually knew her. I almost feel as if I’m intruding on this. But her presence and her story have affected me nonetheless and I feel the profound sense of loss that has swept through this community so suddenly. Not a week ago we gathered in Agartha to show our support and lend our strength. I hope it provided at least some measure of comfort.

My most vivid memory of MadLyric is the day she received her Halo. It was pure chance that I was there as the cheers erupted. I’m certain that the one she has now is real.

My sincerest condolences to Maddie’s friends and family. Please know that this entire community shares a part of your pain.



I think I only knew her in name, but it was a name I’ve seen for a long time here. Off to Valhalla with you.


I’m not going to say much because I’m not good at this kind of thing and I didn’t know Mad too well, but to play TSW/SWL was to at least be aware of who Mad was. She’ll always be a part of this game and this community for as long as it exists.


My most sincere condolences to family, friends and all who loved her.

I did not knew her, unfortunately, but I’ve learned about her situation and the amazing person she was. Her kindness was inspiring, and I believe all of us should learn from her example towards community and friends.
Again, my deepest sympathy. From the heart.

I will be at the event. In Purple. And thanks for inviting us to this.


it´s really sad to hear but it gives hope to see what you guys doing for her i wish you all the best for this event and for sure i wish the family and friends alle the best for these hard times


I didn’t know her myself. I did know of her leadership and presence ingame. I am very saddened to hear of her passing, and my most sincere condolences to those who knew her personally.