Removal of traders from Mek-kamoses’s Spire

Is the removal of the traders from Mek-kamoses’s Spire a bug or intentional?

Greetings @NamelessForce ,

It’s true that some traders have been removed from Mek-kamoses’s Spire.

You should still be able to find “Master Carver Huang” as well as two Khitan Exiled Traders side by side near the well known Mek-kamoses head!

I’ll ask here as well since this seems to be the official answer now.

Why, if traders were intentionally removed, do the patch notes refer to a bug from last chapter as fixed so the merchants will sell ALL of their stock when these are the very merchants that have been removed?

uhh, what are the obolus for then. seems dumb to buy crates and get a useless coin???

This is an intended change for story purposes. We apologize that this was not clearly communicated in the patch notes.

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it sounds more like a clear misleading tbh …
a lot of trust created

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The bug I reported there was a generic bug with the rotating shop module itself, which is reusable.

So maybe they fixed that just for the sake of fixing (though it’s not yet reflected in the code we have - however yesterday we found out we’re behind so the devkit needs an update).

Andy did mention something about how the Master Carver should still be in there and using that code. I didn’t specifically look for him, but I think I did not see him at the old spot either, but maybe he’s been moved (there was a stygian base building quite close, maybe they kidnapped him :stuck_out_tongue: )

In any case, I agree that it is indeed a bit odd that the patch notes mention the vendors specifically, however slight internal miscommunications like that happened in the past. Probably Ignasi can’t remember all the details of every bug ever processed, his list might be limited in information and he has some freedom to come up with the flavor text of the patch notes on the spot based on the original report. Hopefully we’ll find out where they all went :slight_smile:

That’s a good point. I completely overlooked that Master Carver or whoever uses this code because I don’t do sorcery and haven’t created any golems, much less purchased parts.

E o que faço com as milhares de moedas que guardei, pensando em comprar algo melhor agora?

We just got a devkit update so I can confirm that the code for them was indeed fixed, just like the patch notes said! Now we just need to find the vendors :joy:

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Why would you not communicate this beforehand? And why are the patch-notes saying that vendors’ inventories will now be fixed, when instead you straight-up removed said vendors? And what is the point of obolus now? A currency which can be used on nothing?

Is Funcom run by a bunch of morons?

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Not that I know for sure, but I would suspect these vendors are moving to their new master’s home which will release in chapter 3. It would make sense that they would be accessible at the end of the PvE siege so that legendary weapons are still locked behind end game content like how legendary chests are at the end of dungeons. Just read all of the dev posts related to the Mek’s vendors see if this makes sense.

this idiot vendor make game to easy and day 1 u can wipe server cus of this infinite tar

I think the removal is BS when it comes to official pvp servers. On PvP, the amount of OG clans sitting on body vaults of dragon powder far out weighed players who either just joined the server or had to rebuild after being offlined. It actually allowed for way more pvp and “leveled” the field somewhat. Now its back to no lifers with a huge advantage to grief casuals or smaller clans. And still no DBD. You cant be raided by NPCs purges without your explicit approval now (coffer system), but can be offlined when you have RL priorities. Age of War my arrsse. No connection of any mechanics logic what so ever. Morons or Idiots, either covers it.

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