Removal of witch doctor feat - Thank you!

Just want to say THANK YOU for removing the horrible witch doctor feat. I hated it. With all my heart.
That said, I hope necromancy in the style of Age of sorcery appears soon. Really like how sorcery works. Feels anchored to the world. Nice.

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Excuse the ignorance but can you expand on necromancy please? Is this not a synonym for sorcery?

We already have necromancy in the Age of Sorcery. That’s what shallow graves are for. However, I’d love seeing it expanded from zombies to skeletons and wights.


Hi Mbeat! The two terms can be synonyms, but sorcery is a more general term. Necromancy specifically refers to magic dealing with communication with the dead (if you go by the dictionary) but also with summoning or controlling them in most fantasy contexts. It can be used as a general term for malicious sorcery as well, although that seems to be in older texts.

I loved it!

Your heart has no place in the necromatic arts. Unless you are offering it as a sacrifice that is. Are you?

Wait…what? We can sacrifice people and raise their corpses as zombies now… what part are you missing? :woman_shrugging:

Yeah, they did a much better job with it than I thought they would have. :+1:

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As much as I like the new stuff I am always dismayed to see content removed


I love the undead skins…but I will say the witch doctor feat was really…blah and the undead they created were blah compared to most things. I hope they find a use for those skins so that we can bring them back into the game proper


Ok so the dead, but not demons? Demons would be sorcery then?

Now if they could just remove the witch doctor recipe drops from Siptah vault chests and schematics fragments I would be overjoyed… (got like 5 already, what a waste)

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What did you hate about the Witch Doctor feat?

Yes, magic involving demons could be considered sorcery as well.

Maybe this will help. All dogs are animals, but not all animals are dogs.

Necromancy is sorcery, but not all sorcery is necromancy.


I, like Cero, appreciate my calcium. So the removal of my permanent boney boys makes me sad


So how do you get them now?

do not be very happy . the wight horse was a reward for this battle pass (and a paid reward).
this horse is on par with what the witch doctor feat offered! so do not be surprised if we get these feats again as rewards behind a paywall in upocoming battle passes or bazaar



This one always loathes seeing content removed.

That said, Witch Doctor did need a bit of help. It was obviously a stop gap, and seeing it pre empted is understandable. It would have been much better to see it retasked to do something else and also to give more use for the corrupted bones, ect… such prime sorcery components…
But out it went.


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Which I would happily support because that would mean reskinning thralls as the free option…ie orb of nergal on thralls and BP undead skins in the form of races…which even may mean the characters could get a Necro make over


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