REMOVE - (NA) Ashes of Zamora PvPvE (US West)


Server will close on next billing cycle due to lack of interest.


Is this a default progression server or enhanced? (Like 3x exp or harvesting)


The server is set to 3x experience and 2x harvest with no other boosts currently.

Thanks for pointing out that I did not mention that in the primary post.


We are still looking for players. Hit up the Discord with questions or DL the mods and join the server.


Keep’em coming we have slots to fill.


The server is starting to build up, join and be a Veteran of this server. PIPPI kits being set up now for Thespians and other helpful items for your journey.


Shameless bump, come join up and help mold the server.


Hello!, where is the server located? And what are you building damage hours?


Server location: North America, West coast


That sounds pretty good actually, but we are 8 friends (probably more eventually) that want to play and that would basically overwhelm a server that is out of 20. Maybe once you grow a bit we would love to try the server. Since we west coast people that work haha.


Wow that is a decent size group. As much as I would like to talk you into joining I have to agree its a large group and would likely end up dominating the server (with its current population).