Rented a gportal server on PC. Voice chat wont work, Gportal says they cant help and I need to contact devs

So I have the server set up and voice chat will not work. When I hit the push to talk key, the mic icon never shows up.

-My push to talk key WORKS on other servers both other dedicated servers and the official ones.
-Ive checked all the settings and config files as well as gportal support double checking and also saying it wont work for them even though they have checked all the settings.
-I am not sure if matters but when I click singlpayer/co-op and start a fresh game, the voice chat also will not work there. Any sugesstions? I cant advertise my new server if it doesn’t even have a working voice chat and I feel out of options.


Are you the only one on the server?
I remember reading another post which was asking how to get voice working on their server when they were the only one logging into to it…the person wanted to check everything was working before opening it to others.

You seem to be alone and this is maybe why vc doesnt work for you.

If you think this is a bug, please make a thread on the bug subforums.

Please report issues appropriately:

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