Repair kits question (suggestion)

i made some repair kits (for weapon or armour), but whenever i try to use it a message says not usable on that weapon or armour. (too low a kit or something)

am i missing something with the skills?
as far as i understood things, each tier of kit, lets you repair more?

so a basic kit just repairs a special item a little,
and a better/legend kit, repairs a lot more

if not, id like to suggest that any type of kit, however low grade, could still be used to repair something a bit (because as we level up, we wont be likely to create much basic armour like cloth etc, and the kits just sit there) :slight_smile:

(luckily i do have the Strays back to the fire mod, which i think will give me a bit of iron back, but its only like a quarter of the iron i spent lol :smiley:

There’s a minimum tier of repair kit required for a given tool or weapon. So you can’t just use a stack of Iron-level repair kits to get Star Metal tools/weapons repaired.

I haven’t checked what the tiers are, but it’s something on the level of “one tier below at most” I think (completely off the top of my head, haven’t messed with repair kits much).

Though if you’re lucky enough to have a T4 blacksmith, the hardened steel repair kits are pretty good value for money.

oh ok thanks, i must have misunderstood how they work,
ill try it on my Mitra Tunic when it gets low :slight_smile:

If you select the item you wish to repair in inventory it should tell you the quality (low, medium, high or legendary I think).

Embarrassing admission time: I totally hadn’t grokked that that’s what the “item tier” referred to in terms of repair kits. But that makes a lot of sense.

thanks fizzi, yeah thats true :slight_smile:

Welcome to humanity :wink:

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