Help a noob: repairing

I’m very confused as to why some armors (obtained as drops) do not have a repair option. Is that normal for many non-crafted pieces of gear? Also, I don’t understand the purpose of simple repair kits if I can’t use them by themselves, and they aren’t consumed in normal repairing from the armor/weapon’s menu along with leather/iron. What does one use them?

Generally speaking, you need to know how to craft the item in order to repair it without a repair kit. The kits will allow you to repair stuff you don’t know how to craft, but they can’t repair the item completely. So they will for example repair your sword up to 80% of it’s total durability.

Also I think the kits have an item level limit. So you can’t use a simple kit on your star metal sword, for example. You need higher level kits for that.

To use them, I think it’s just a simple drag and drop onto the item you’re trying to repair.

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