Can't repair hardened steel tools

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: | Bug |
Region: oceania

I am level 56, have unlocked all required perks, have hardened steel bars leather and shaped wood in inventory, yet I don’t even get the option to repair my hardened steel equipment.

Maybe I’m missing some bit of info, I don’t know.
I assume repairs are carried out the same as lower teir tools.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.craft hardened steel tool
2. Use tool
3. Attempt to repair
4. Silently sob as you make a new sword when all else fails

generaly when you don’t see the buton to repair it’s because you don’t have recipie.

you can workournd this buy using repair kit.

There are kinda only 3 viable tool-tiers anyway.
Iron, because they are cheap, Star Metal because you don’t use star metal for literally anything else and obsidian (-skinning knife), because they are iron tools on steroids :wink:

Have all the required recipies, made the sword myself, will give the repair kit a go.