Steel pickaxe repairing bug

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [-]

So I just made a Steel Pickaxe, used it to like half durability, but I was shocked by the total amount needed to repair it exceeding the number it needs for creating a new.

I have used 8 to repair it, but still hasn’t fully repaired, then I took 10 steel bars from furnace, I’m surprised it used them all but still hasn’t fully repaired (18 used at this point), then I put 5 in inventory and it used all 5 even though look at the pickaxe in shortcut slot 1, and the steelbars in inventory slot 1, the durability is damaged only a little and it took 5 steel bars.

So in total it used 23 steel bars just for repairing it from half, more than the needed mats to create new which is 20.
youtube vid -> watch?v=pgnmx-tcHWM
cant put link ><

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Make a Steel Pickaxe.
  2. Use it until damaged.
  3. Put Leather and Steel Bars in Inventory
  4. Repair it by putting a lot of steel bars, maybe it will consume the full stack

That’s a fact actually.
Often repearing a weapon or tool cost lot more than creating a new one.
I assume it’s more a bug than intended.

At the moment, best a repaerkit when on the road. But yes, bit frustrating the reparations at this point. Hope there will be a fix in the futur.

As long as you’re carrying more materials than a full repair costs, it should work fine.

For example, to fully repair some tools you need 1 shaped wood and 15 bars. Make sure to have at least 2 shaped wood and 16 bars. Having less can cause the game to consume all of your materials and not replenish the proper amount of durability.

Tools never take more than 15 bars to fully repair if you carry enough to avoid the bug. You can also use thralls and workbenches to reduce repair costs.

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This is correct, EX said everything there.
nevertheless, this should get fixed as many others “little issues” that have been around for far too long imo

I see, the steel bars were in process in furnace that’s why I didn’t have plenty at once and repaired the tool when a few bars had finished smelting, maybe that’s what triggered the “bug”. So it’s not a bug that will eat a full stack then, it’s only because I was carrying less than the needed amount.

Yep, it does need to be fixed. But for now we have workarounds, thankfully. That’s not the case with a lot of the bugs…

That’s correct. Also, once you get to Master repair kits, use those. That’ll be way cheaper and you’ll have no chance of triggering the bug. (3 bars to repair like 90% of a weapon or tool)

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As you say mate! :smiley:This one is ok ish for me, but it’ subjective…

I repair all my equipment in the workbenches with T4 thralls, don’t actually know if it makes the repair cheaper…

You can test that out by letting a tool completely break. A full repair in your own inventory would cost 15 bars. See how many is consumed when repaired on the workbench.

Though if you have access to master repair kits, use those. That’s the cheapest way to repair. Costs 3 bars and repairs up to about 90%.


I always say “about 90%” but I never actually verified the accuracy of that statement. So I just did.

Legendary Weapon Repair kits repair 100%.
Master Weapon Repair kits will repair up to 86.66% to 90%, depending on the max durability.
Advanced Weapon Repair kits repair up to about 68%.
Weapon Repair kits repair up to about 42.5%
The others aren’t even worth checking.

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