[PC] [SP] Repairing Steel two-handed sword problem

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Crash dump link: -

So, it looks like, when you repair steel two-handed sword, it is more efficient when you are using single steel bars, than stacked amount of them.
Repro steps:

  1. Use your sword a lot
  2. Take stack of steel bars to your inventory (I had 11)
  3. Repair
  4. Gives one “tick” of durability <whaaa??>
  5. Take single steel bar to your invetory and redo step 3
  6. Gives also one “tick” of durability <whaaaaaaaa?>
  7. Waste time on “single bar repairs”
    Later I’ll try to give numbers on how much durability it gives to weapon!

I can add my own findings on this bug; I broke my 225 durability iron pick, so it was at 0/225 durability. I dropped all of my iron bars except for one. I clicked “repair”. The iron pick used the single bar and gained 22.5 durability, so exactly 10%. By this math, it should use 10 iron bars to go from zero to full. However, I broke the pick again, had the stack of iron with me now, and repaired the pick, and it used up (as it does) 15 iron bars.

If one iron bar gives 22.5/225 durability, then a full repair should take 10 bars, and 15 bars should be worth 337.5 durability. There’s a loss of 5 iron bars or 112.5 durability, or in other words, a +50% “repair tax” when doing a full repair.

All of this was done in inventory, no crafting stations or thralls were used. Can replicate. I’m playing on a server, though, but I doubt that matters.

If you’re at home, toss your sword and materials onto any workbench with a thrall. They will cut repair costs even if it’s not something they can make. Such as an armorer repairing a sword.

Now you’re using less than 10 bars to repair.
A repair kit would restore like 80-90%. That takes 3 bars I think.

This won’t resolve the issue you’re having but it’ll lower repair costs a lot more than if they correct the values to be consistent.

Also I’ve noticed a bug where if you don’t have ‘more’ materials than required to do a full repair, it can take all of them and not give nearly as much durability back as it should. So if I need to repair a broken item with 15 bars, I make sure I have 20+ so this doesn’t happen. I think this is what happened when you repaired with a stack of 11.

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yes this is what happened indeed.
It has been ike this since the begining of the EA.
So i would advise to do as exnihiloish said with thralls/workstations or make sure you have more than enough to repair everytime you do so.

OK thanks, well, was in EA from beginning (almost) but not played so much to be so advanced. Good to know, that it is known issue.

But i have never heard the devs speaking about that though…

It definitely seems broken to me. Was just repairing the Kingslayer polearm. It was 1/3 of the way damaged. Put it on my blacksmith bench with a T4 blacksmith. He can make it for 15 hardened steel bars. It took 16 bars to repair it back to full. It was only 1/3 of the way damaged. that is messed up. It is better to use it until it breaks and make a new one. At that rate to repair it full would take 45 bars. Even to make one without a T4 blacksmith is only 30 bars.