Repairing is bugged or Illogical

Repairing 24 percent damage on a harden steal pick cost me 27 Harden steal bars. I can make a new one for 20 Bars. Think this needs to be address since is seems rather stupid.

Seems if you have more than enough it works fine, but if you are a bit short, its bugs out.

Repair it on the blacksmith bench you crafted it on with a high level, or legendary thrall. Cheaper to do it that way then in your inventory.

Regardless of this, it is bugged.

I can use my pick to within an inch of its life and it can cost me as little as 3 bars.
Other times it may at 3/4 durability and it costs 15 - 20.

It doesn’t matter the grade or the tool. It can happen with a hardened steel sword or an iron skinning knife. Same with armor too.
Definitely something wrong.

It is bugged.

I’ve noticed that to circumvent the bug, you need to carry more materials than what’s required for a full repair. For example, to fully repair some tools you need 1 shaped wood and 15 bars. Make sure to have at least 2 shaped wood and 16 bars. Having less can cause the game to consume all of your materials and not replenish the proper amount of durability.

It’s never more than 15 bars for a full repair, just carry more than that when you actually do the repair to avoid the bug.

And like Nemesis mentioned, you can use thralls and work benches to reduce the repair costs. You can also use repair kits, which is actually the best way to go once you get up to the master repair kits.

There could be other repair bugs but this is the only one I’ve experienced.

As ex said, i alway carry 45 star metal for tools and 20 hardened steel for my sword plus 15 shaped wood. Never had a problem

Yes, ps4 u add weapon, tool, whatever plus mats, click R1 n repair

Yes, that’s right.

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Yes its away to expensiv to repar stuff, spec when you some times can make 2 new ones for the reper cost. And the thrall give the bonus both for reper and crafting. But you cant use a thrall to repare the walls/base whith a repar hammer. it cost 2-4 metall to build a wallpart but alot more to repaire a fraction if it.

Still a bug i’m sure but… With walls you can lose a lot of tiles attatched to that wall so maybe that’s intentional? Only a maybe mind

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