Reduce repair costs

At start it takes 4 stone to repair a tool. It’s good, it makes sense, and it’s a smart ratio.

By the time you reach Iron, repairs are 15 Fifteen Ingots to repair. By steel 25 steel bars. By H-steel it just goes up. Its ridiculous how high the cost of repairs for high end tools go.

Literally, for many tools it’s cheaper to just build an entirely new tool from scratch than it is to repair one. This NEEDS to be fixed. More realistically it should never cost more than 10 bars for a repair. Iron should be 4 bars, steel should be 6 steel bars, hardened steel should be 15 steel and star metal repairs should be 15 hardened steel bars.

Protip: If you have a T4 Blacksmith, you can make Master Repair Kits for 3 hardened steel each, good for everything up to and including Star Metal tier. Only thing they can’t do is legendary gear.

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Yeah once you’re strong enough to farm UC you have an even better option in that of course

Could the cost for repair be changed in game parameters ? I never used more than 10 bars of any metal to repair a weapon or a tool, and only when it’s durability had dropped below 25%. Usually it’s 1 or 2 bars but I repair before the durability reach 50% most of the time. The only settings I changed in parameters were XPs (*2), Gathering resources (*2) and crafting time + thrall conversion time (*0.30 both).

Other protip => put the stuff you need to repair directly into any bench with a t4 and repair them into the bench, the cost reduction is applied.

For a tool, instead of 15 bars with a hand reparation, it only cost 7

As long as it’s not a recipe specific to a thrall (like flawless stuff), you can repair tools in an armorer bench or armors at the blacksmith for exemple. :slight_smile:

This is one of the issues in the game that have been balanced by stretching. Not solved, but merely swiped under the carpet. :confused:

There’s no reason why a tool shouldn’t be repaired with as much material as necessary for the damage they have actually suffered. Cost should go higher based on lost mass, not durability. Then again I find it odd to be able to repair tools without repair kits and proper stations in the first place. Then there’s the “knowing with recipes” approach. Just because I’m not a parent, it doesn’t necessarily make me unable to learn parenting from others in advance (or repairing in this case). On contrary it would be foolish not to ask help before hand (observations). We are able to deduce things before hand so noding certain results behind certain recipes is a huge stretch.

Typical game logic. :expressionless:


Some design choices make it clear that our characters are not quite smart. Not in every field at least. I wish that we could at least define our shortcomings ourselves, to reflect our own state of logic or at least close to enough. The ability of noding would be a heaven’s sent.

I think tools (tools only) should be repairable with 5 of their respective material. So a stone pick axe should require 5 stone, and a steel pick axe should require 5 steel ingots. It is just slow and annoying to have to constantly stop to farm for stuff to fix tools. It makes sense in regards to balance for weapons and armors to be more expensive to repair, but not tools.

Ehh… perhaps not the greatest example. It does mean that however prepared you think you are… you almost certainly aren’t. Speaking from experience here. That one really is a learning by doing kinda deal IMO.

I have no idea what you talk about. It is the best example. It means that you prepare for the parenthood as best as you can by utilising your ability to reason, your environment to deal with the cause, asking help from others who already know what we should and shouldn’t do.

Your only mistake here would be to not educate yourself which is the point of the example.


I had to go help my friend coz he took the road of “self-learning” and I knew my friend well enough to already prepare for it in advance. Me! The one who is perhaps the last person on earth to muster such effort and help with such issues, figuratively speaking. However, he is so dear to me that I took the challenge without hesitation. I knew it would help him and I will always go help him whenever he asks. I already knew much due nephew’s parenting so it’s a no-brainer nowadays. I would have been a fool to not take notes from his parenting.

If it’s to be, it’s up to me. Keep my eyes open and educate myself. Going at it blindly can be thrilling, but I prefer a pilot who already knows how to lift, fly and land a plane.

My point is, parenthood is such a change in one’s life that however prepared you think you are, even if you do all the things you mention (most parents-to-be do some or all of those) - you aren’t really prepared. Hence why I don’t think it’s a great example of something that can be “learned in advance”. But I don’t want to completely derail this topic, so I’ll say no more.

Nonsense. It is a change, yes, but if you know how to reason with your environment, you already have the best base to solve every puzzle thrown at you. You already know what is to come so you’ve made sure that your safety network actually works.

Yes, I know that not necessarily everyone will approach this or other issues as scientificly enough as they should, but this is not rocket science we talk about, not anymore. Asking professionals and reasoning before hand will yield your best result. Educate yourself and the change becomes smooth.

Exactly the reason why you would be overcumbered by all the issues by the time they arrive trying to solve them with inadequate experience instead than already knowing what to do due preparing in advance. There are observations that come to our awareness in slower pace while other come faster. It’s our responsibility to stretch that boundary of awareness and to be aware in the first place.


I edited my post above to have an example.

Mikey is right and Fable is completely wrong. If he becomes a parent someday he’ll understand how wrong he was.

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We had a short discussion of this via pm.

In a nutshell, while learning thorough hindsight is at least useful with repeated effort, what’s more useful is to prepare before hand as best as one can so the first try or several of them won’t end up exhausting us in any unnecessary manner. Of course there are bound to be differences in received service quality, so I’m not assuming everyone to get the most accurate data or other type of help in practise everywhere all the time; only what’s available and sometimes this means that we get the most horrible advices (pseudoscientific hooey).

Also consider the following:

You don’t need to be a parent to do parenting.

Now back to the repair cost. It needs to be less bloated and rely more on realism driven accuracy.


Cool. The spoiler tags do work.

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