Add a Repair Bench

I would like to see a new crafting bench added in the form of a repair bench. Placing items in it should let them be repaired at reduced costs, and it should let you repair even things that would not normally be repairable.

If the item is something you normally couldn’t repair (you don’t have the knowledge or it is a special armor drop), you should still be able to repair it but only to 50% to 75% durability. This would be balanced since you wouldn’t be able to repair them to full, and you would not be able to easily repair them in the field.

It would also make it more fun and worth while to raid higher leveled NPC camps as a lower leveled character since the anything you found, such as weapons, would not be useless just a short while later.

Armour patch kits and weapon repair kits do what u mentioned, even if u lack the knowledge to craft the item… the tier of the armourer sets how much a repair kit costs so the reduced price is on. And even better u can have em on u for repairing a tool/weapon/armour on the go… devs said that legendary armour patches r also on its way… so it may be a solution to ur suggestion

I didn’t hear about that. And Repair kits let you repair stuff, but they are fairly expensive on their own.

The idea for the repair bench is that it would make things very cheap to repair, but would require you to return to a central location to do it. So imagine you could repair something like a legendary weapon or armor or a star metal weapon with just a few iron bars but only if you went back to base.

I repair a star metal, obsidian or acheronian weapon with 3 hardened steel pieces (the cost it has with t4 bs and same on armour repair kits) even though since I set up my rocknoses farm I find the hardened leather/layered fur /layered silk cheaper, I believe that 3 bars of hardened steel is fairly cheap to repair something at 85% of its hp

Is 3 hardened steel cheap to repair something like an iron weapon? What about if you don’t have a thrall at all?

there is lower repair kit aswell, so you can use up to 10 steel bar, or even iron if you feel the need of economy.

Aswell as if you repair said your steel pickaxe with iron repair kit, it would be up to 30% (more or less, i have to admit my lack of use for repair kit, exept the sweet one of the city wisouth name for me legendary weapon).

Repair the pickaxe alow more iron harvesting, and therefor to repair it further

To understand why I think it is fairly cheap, while running a harvester build I gather around 3k brimstone per walk (one visit in brim lake), 17k iron nodes (one walk at godsclaw) and more than 4k hides one walk at noob river (for tar leather etc)… so in less than an hour I have materials for 1700 hardened steel bars ready to cook…this gives me 560 kits… and if I go to base to repair anything as a location I take material in consideration… why I should repair an iron sword with a repair kit when I am at base? I would repair it inside a blacksmith bench… the game economy is thrall based, so if u think the bench alone is expensive, u may need to invest in thrall taking…

Answered to me , just to clarify why I believe a repair kit is fairly cheap…

I thought it was obvious that the suggestion was geared towards low level, new, or recently wiped characters.

Well I know 2 thingies that can lvl u up to 60 in under 2 hrs… but isnt the struggle and the hard work supposed to be a thingie that low lvls have to overcome?? Besides, why limit ur self to iron swords… u can have star metal or hardened steel weapons in a lvl under 30 just by capturing and taming an npc of cimmeria or northerner that wields em at the cost of some gruel only… just adapt… and outsmart game

Because it adds another way to enjoy the game.

Build a tiny shack and place a repair bench in it. Sneak into a high level camp at low level. Loot their chests, run for your life when they notice, and be using high level gear like 30 minutes into the game without any tedious grinding or leveling exploits.

I’m not trying to outsmart the game. I’m trying to enjoy it. :grin:

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It’s impossible to gather 17k iron nodes in a single gathering trip without using a mod allowing stacks of 1000 for items stacking at 100 or 200. Because 17 000 = 170 stacks of 100 iron nodes. Even with a T4 bearer or a caravan rhino / elephant, you don’t have enough slots in your and your thrall / pet inventories for 170 stacks of anything.
It’s impossible to gather so much brimstones and iron nodes and hides in a single hour without pushing to *10 the slider for gathering.
Your claims are impossible to reproduce without any mods and default settings. Like it’s the norm on official servers. So I don’t understand the purpose of your post because most players aren’t concerned by it.

I play on official pve servers only, so no mods r included… empty ur inventory , get a stack of purified and a stack of meat on u, grab a pick , get 50 encumbrance and go at godsclaw and try urself… 3 master repair kits r more than enough if u use the right tool (I use obsidian pick with tool upgrade cause it has the best durability). Let me know how much u will gather… I gather 17k cause I ussually have not the inventory empty and I also gather and not dropping stone as well along the way… max inventory capacity in a character is 200 slots. Try it…

Also emptying the lakes on shattered springs is really easy if u run and pick… all lakes give more or less the same amount of brim ussually around 3k (used to be more when we could double pick the nodes).
If u do not believe me, plz come to 1005 official pve for a free demo

Or u can just watch this video… it is way before the stone was stacked to thousands, but replace stone with iron nodes and u get same result… I have a slightly different build than the second one, but still it is up to ur personall preferences…

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