Repairing Shaman Helmet stuck on Repairstatus

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [Everywhere]

Sorry i don´t know the exact English description of the Helmet, cause i play the german Version of the PS4 Game. But there is this Shaman Helmet (Medium Armor) with the Horns. Everytime i try to repair it, it stuck on repairstatus with the little wheels turning in the corner of the icon. Even when i throw it on the ground, pack it in a box, a craftingstation or log out and back in it stays in that status. It´s the only item so far where this happens, all my other armor or what i´ve made in the past works fine when i repair it. It´s just this single Item. So i craft everytime a new one, when it´s broken. It´s not the best solution, but the only one at this moment for this item.

Greetings Siebenhayn

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Craft a Shaman Helmet with the Horns
  2. Go and beat the hell out of some NPCs
  3. Just for reproducing the issue be exceptionally this time not the All-Killing-Hero and get some hits on you
  4. Try to repair the Helmet
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Same problem here, not with the helmet but with the chest.

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It’s with all pieces of regular and flawless regular, it currently cannot be repaired cause of missing resource requirement, but it also insanely cheap because of it so you can recraft when it’s broken. Same thing for epic darfarian armour - it also cannot be repaired cause it does not have one of resource requirements which should be there.