Replace buiding piece should now return the original

Now that we can pick up building pieces, it would be great if the replace building piece feature also returned the original building piece. Returning the building piece is essential in cases where you ONLY can replace the building piece under altars and wheel of pain.

My thinking is that if 2.7 is going to return all building pieces on top of the piece you picked up, then replace building piece should at least return the piece it replaced too.

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I don’t think this will last. Just imagine it as an event period. However I would love everything you said to happen, but I don’t think so. I was so excited when I could see inside the legendary chests before I open it. In every server I have 10 chests for legendary weapons, in Siptah I have one more for claws. This option would be no more legendary chests, or maybe one or two, but that’s it.
In any case, if… If this feature will stay it would be awesome.
YES if we can pick up everything and rearrange it it would be more awesome.

Picking up building pieces is a new feature, and it is going last. It was announced in the patch notes and it is going to be extended even further:

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