Picking up building pieces under wells, altars, and wheels of pain can't be replaced

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: America
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

Building pieces under Wells, Altars, and Wheel of Pain can be picked up, but can’t be replaced. Destroyed building pieces from purges also can’t be replaced.

EDIT: This problem appears to have been reported before, maybe others. I’ll keep looking.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Pickup a building piece under a well, altar or wheel of pain.
  2. Observe: Can’t place a building piece under the well,altar, or wheel of pain.

Thanks for the opinion, and I would agree with you if the game mechanics hadn’t changed recently. However, I find it is inconsistent with existing behaviour and the new mechanic of being able to pick up building pieces. If there is a building piece there, I can upgrade it. So somehow I am able to replace a piece that is already there under the well, but I can’t replace a piece that had to be there in order to put the peaceable item down. So it is a bad mechanic and inconsistent with the existing behaviour and new mechanic.

Either don’t let pieces be upgraded in place or let them be upgraded, to be consistent an in-place upgrade should include replacing a piece that was destroyed during purges. Otherwise, after a purge, regardless of whether a well has survived I have to destroy it to replace a piece under it. I don’t agree with that, and the mechanic should be updated.

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After terraformers do their work to refine textures, some locales become inaccessible. Your block placement may be blocked by new texturing, for example. Thus if the place were empty, you might not be able to place the same block in the same spot with the same configuration. It’s part of the system, in my opinion. Players commonly call it grandfathered, and is advisable to revert to backup prior to block removal.

It is software, and the design, as always can be changed. I could, for example, say all bugs are part of the system, and therefore no bugs need to be fixed. I agree it is the way it was designed to work, but I am saying it is now a bug and inconsistent with the new design changes that have been made.

I prefer consistency and the ability to place items under the spot where something had to be. The things preventing the placement of blocks under them can be changed so that they don’t block, I’m sure. The rules to place the item and place blocks under it are the same, so both need to be applied consistently.

I do agree with you on this in most things. But having been a part of Conan Exiles since Early Access, this is not how terraforming can be done or should be done.

One example: the mesh can be exposed by crafty players. Funcom chooses to, rather than deny a future build on the site, reform the terrain to make the overlap non-interactable. This keeps the mice out, but any future block placement with that particular elevation or twist simply will not go in there.

In other words, with a fluid system we cannot expect the masonry to march off into the distance like ranks of infantry. There will be times between patches where building is indeed outright denied for these evolving issues.

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Wait a sec, not sure why you are using the term Terraforming. could you clarify? Terraforming isn’t what I am talking about. I’m simply talking about placing a foundation under an altar, wheel, or well, that already had a foundation. How is that Terraforming? I’m not suggesting they allow it in the case of a wheel on the ground. However, I would expect the same rules for placement of the foundation to still follow the existing rules of placement on the mesh. In other words, it shouldn’t be possible to put a foundation under a wheel that ends up with the foundation under the mesh. Right? I am suggesting foundation placement should still follow mesh placement rules, just not be blocked by an altar, wheel, or well.

I’m quite sorry, I thought you were tracking. I’ve been free with my lingo thinking you were on board.

Funcom used to have a whole set of people working to terraform, and now that contingent is down to just a few, who also have other jobs.

When they do update or patch the terrain, they’re not known so much as terraformers now, as they are just awesome people doing their thing.

For reference, I have a particular spot, under my own well, where I know for sure there is new terrain. New as in different from when I actually placed the well. When I go onto a new server NOW, for instance, the block simply will not go into place unless I raise it higher than usual.

This is different from my experience, having built this base dozens of times now on several servers.

My estimation is that the piece that you removed is now in conflict with a terraformer’s work, making it impossible to place on your current building grid, or even fitting within it.

You are way off on the terraforming issue; that has nothing to do with what I posted about. The foundation I removed next to a well was in the same floor as all the other foundations, and if the well wasn’t there, I could place a new foundation in the same spot. Since the only thing I could do was to dismantle the well, I removed the well and placed the foundation just fine in its original spot; so the terrain isn’t an issue here. The problem has been that whenever you remove a foundation from around a well or lose one due to purge, you can’t place a foundation back in the same spot.

Here is the well with the missing foundation:

and now a new well with a new foundation in the missing spot:

I hope that clears things up for you.

It sure does.

Hey all,

We’ve reported this to our team so we can give it a look. However, I have a feeling this will no longer be an issue once we release the upgraded pick-up functionality (ETA in 2.7) as it will also send to inventory any pieces on top of the one picked up. Just in case though, our team is now aware of this problem.


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