Can't place Foundation under existing T3 altar (Wedge Foundations work)

Hey there,

I have a T3 Set altar. I wanted to change its foundations from wedge foundations to normal ones. Pretty sure you could upgrade/replace existing normal foundations with foundations of another style (i.e. turanian, sandstone). Appears to work with other building types (i.e. artisan table).
But in case of this altar, I can only place wedge foundations, not the normal ones, under it.
I remember after a purge, having destroyed foundations below an altar and I wasn’t able to place new ones (few years ago).

As far as I understood, this post (especially the last few entries) explain the issue as well (pun intended).

Don’t know whether this counts as a bug and wanted to ask if someone knows a workaround of some sort. Thanks!

UPDATE: I can somehow place them, when they don’t snap and built from there, so it appears to be some very weird behaviour, I can’t explain: the green part under the altar shows the next foundation I could place.

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