Failed to replace foundations

Official server (#6431)

Can’t replace foundations. Need to delete them before I can place the new ones.
Has anyone else encountered this? Issue remains even after relogging many times.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Create a circular building in T1 (flotsam) +/- 6 foundation stones starting from the middle to any side (totals +/- 12 foundations width)
    2.Replace all triangular foundations with the new Stormglass (=stormglass wedge foundation).
  2. Try to replace the regular T1 foundations with Frontier foundations. The foundations remain “red” and won’t replace the T1 flotsam foundations.

Hey @Delorre

Welcome to our community.
Flotsam building pieces can only be upgraded to Stormglass pieces.

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Hi Ignasis (can’t mention you as new user)

Thank you for the welcome and the reply, was this mentioned in the patchnotes? I haven’t gone through al of them but this is an important part that should have been mentioned like in capital letters.
I hope it is something FUNCOM will change because T1 is most of the time upgraded in to T3. Limiting the options when using FLOTSAM will make it, even though it is new, the worst building option in game.
It would be a bit of a shame to ruin the second T1 building option by making it impossible to replace it with anything but Stormglass.

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well i can not currently replace Flotsam with Stormglass ceilings but seems fine with other pieces ?

Hi Thermogothic
It works indeed from Flotsam to Stormglass and from Sandstone to (any?) other T3 sturctures.
Tested this a few hours ago.
Just need to know if this is working as intended or are they going to make changes to this later on.

It just seems weird that reducing building options is the way to go in a game where building your base is an important aspect of the gameplay.

Hey @Delorre

This is as intended due to current technical limitations. It was not mentioned in the patchnotes as it is not an issue or a fix. Like any other feature or content coming in the Isle of Siptah, it was not directly specified in the patchnotes.
If at some point we overcome the technical limitation, we’ll look into the possibility of making these building sets work akin to the other sets, but for now this is intended.

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