Replace from where Tokens Drop to revive the content - Extreme solution that works


Make Atlantean Shards drop after PvP Minigame Match for both Winners and Loosers.
Make Campaign Badges and Conquest Trophies drop from RF
Make Raid Tier Tokens drop from Group Dungeons
Make Rare Trophies drop from Raids

Its extreme but will revive all the content immediately in a matter of weeks

Give full T5 set at next login. Will increase the population to max for at least 1 week…


That one too.

Thats what people are asking for years,I dont think developers care about players that still wanna play this game and do something more than rf and wb…

Age of Conan has no developers assigned to this game.


They have Developers. But still noone left who understands the code of the game.

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Funcom doesn’t understand to increase population in the game they must add fresh content, not give the old content away via token granting. Although I do understand your logic.

Only hope is Age of Conan 2 then :smiley: with rewritten code of the game.How they can add things if developers dont have people that know the game code

It’s already out. Conan exiles is the only “aoc 2” you can expect :joy:

Funcom has moved away from the MMO model seeing it as a failed prospect.

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Thats sad,but I think you are right

FC has a tradition of creating a game, taking care of it for a while, then dropping it…
Everything in the game should be unlocked and made available to all the characters, and make things cheaper in the shop. The game is almost dead anyway, so why the silly restrictions…

the “silly” restrictions is what makes the game what it is. this game doesnt have enough content to be a sandbox mmorpg where u have access to everything.

It’s just a milking cow. But her time has passed

not sure what i mean with unlocking the game, but if you wanna get all the loot on /claim and jump around Old Tarantia you might aswell go play raid shadowlegends

however agree about the shop, prices are sad and people who buy those store-buff-potions should be ashamed x)

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