Replacing Structures Option bugged

So i found a bug, not sure if already reported. (i mentioned it yesterday in the megathred shortly with my bedroll)
It happened again with another placeable.

Steps to reproduce:
Day 1:

  1. Place bedroll in base
  2. move bedroll to another spot because you want to place a bench there
  3. place bench where bedroll was (dont think that matters tho)
  4. log out
  5. server probably restarted

Day 2
6. next day log in and see the bedroll is placed in old position below the bench
7. place bench temporary outside so i can move my bedroll from below the bench to another spot again
8. place bench back on the same spot.
9. log out & server restart

Day 3
10. login & the bench is now placed outside where i put it temporary down yesterday before i logged out.

So it happens to reset the last REPLACED placeable.

EDIT: It put my bedroll in old spot as well, so it didnt save the new locations at all.

You can check in my account if it helps, i have a character/little base on official EU PVE Testlive server - if you want the name please let me know.

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Hope they fix that! Sounds like a pain in the ass.

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