Buildings and other placeables missing after restarting the server

Game mode: [Coop | Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [Here]

Every time I restart and/or join a server where I previously build something, e.g. a carpenters bench, is being
destroyed upon appearing on the map. I can see the pieces of the structures flying about and here the destruction sound. Since I kinda want my buildings to stay as they are it forces me to abandon this game as it is. Please fix this as soon as possible.

BTW Decay has been deactivated.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Are you playing on PvE server?

Do you place the benches on a foundation? Or on the ground?

I know they can disappear sometimes when they are on the ground -.- pretty annoying but with a foundation beneath it, it mostly survives :slight_smile:

Well…now that u mentioned it…they were standing on the ground

BUT my trebuchet which was standing on a tower got demolished as well

Kudos to you for pointing out, that standing on a foundation makes em more “stable” Thx mate

Was your trebuchet standing on a round or squarre tower?

Thing is when using wedges it does n’t (mostly) bug visually but sometimes they have no “structure” (you can’t see) when you place a thing on top of it, it can dissapear cause there is n’t enough support

Usually this can be fixed when using wall structures or pillars from bottom to top

Very annoying and all, let’s hope they find a fix

Twas a square tower with pillars. And it worked for quite some time before exploding.