Report usuary,time of act

If I report someone who violates the rules, how long do they take to act? Do they advise when they act?Thanks

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Im seeing people say it could take weeks to get a situation resolved.

I laugh at that though, since I said this exact thing would happen with the changing of the rules/reporting they did in the spring.

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They don’t tell you when they act. As far as I know, they tell you that they won’t even tell you whether they acted or not. Basically, you make a report and you hope something happens. And then, after several weeks, something maybe happens.


@gabrieles I read a post a few weeks ago where a fellow was trying to find out how he could get back in official server’s time wise because his clan had been using some sort of cheating . So it shows they are doing something.

To be more precise , your report , in PM section , will be answered with so form of aknoledgement , " we have seen your message , it will be transmitted to the dev team " ( or if your report lacks of screenshots or whatever they’ll ask you to provide more information ) , this first part of the process can be quick if your report is sent in a business day rather early in the morning , but if you post it at 18 o’clock a friday , then It will take much longer to be answered , cause it’s outside of office hours , and at the begining of the week-end , therefore the answer will be most of the times on the monday or tuesday following ! ( With the summer holidays I cannot say for sure when your PM will get answered since there is people off and people still working ect… )

Then depending on what they answered to your report, with the “has been transmited to dev team” being the definitive answer that they will take action, the only thing to do is wait , cause unfortunately , I beleive that , you are not the only one that have sent a report and as the team dealing with the reports is not huge , your demands will take time to adress .

I understand that depending on the problems someone faces it can be very disruptive to have to wait a week or more as the person “cheating” can really destroy a lot of things on your server , but the fact is that in the end they will take action and thanks to them for it !


Please read our server rules, where we detail this and other procedures:

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