How long does it take?

how long does the funcom team take to respond to a report of rule violations. Thanks

On weekends? Unlikely. few days to week, Give or take the issues and amount of them.

Maybe never if your not part of it, (not like there gonna tell you of the ban or actions taken)

Its not a Thantos snaps fingers everyone is banned They need to go over all evidence and make a judgement. I’ve seen several post and heard from others the time varies abit.

Hang in there. =3

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Just curious how long ago did you report and has anything happened yet

I mean they really should, You telling me they dont tell the person reporting the incident whether action gets taken or not? Because if that is the case then my respect for Funcom will be severely further diminished.

Thats how it works in general every where.

You get in trouble for something, its no one business to know right? (with in reason)

Same way with HR at most places.

Not necessarily.

Most other online games I play you get told whether action was taken or not, it doesnt go into detail or tell you what action was taken but it atleast tells you that your report against player x was reviewed and action taken, or your report against player x was reviewed and found to be invalid.

It is in no way a breach of privacy to inform the person who reported someone whether action was taken or not, in fact all it does is show players that the RAP system is working, otherwise you just report people and will never know whether you are wasting your time and all your reports just get shift deleted upon being received.

Now sure you don’t go publicize the information or advertise that to other players, but a small message that gets sent to the person/people who logged the report does a lot more good than harm. In fact I can’t even picture the harm that would do???

I can tell you now if I went ahead using the report function only to never get any intel on whether anything was done about my reports and just be left in the dark, I would stop using it pretty dam fast.

Edit: incase you are wondering what games I am referring to that inform you of whether action of a report was taken: Heroes of Newerth, Dota 2, League of Legends, I mean games like Rust and cs:go even let you see if a player has been banned before and how many times.

To keep this information on actions taken against players from reports is just stupid in my opinion, Now sure I agree you don’t have to make it public to everyone that someone was banned, but heck atleast tell the person lodging the report if it was handled or not. Seems incredibly dumb not to, then you just have to be on good faith that something was done… Even just the act of telling people if a report was invalid can reduce the amount of invalid reports as a player will realize that the things they are reporting about are not bannable offenses, they will learn what kind of report invalid and what isnt, if you just keep them in the dark however then not only do you make your RAP system look like a joke but you do nothing to actively educate the players utilizing the report function on what reports are valid or not.

So dumb to me.


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