Turn around time for reporting T.O.S. violations

What is the average turn-around time for action from Funcom for reporting a player walling in obelisks?(PVE server)
I’ve read and followed the instructions from the new Rules of Conduct Guidlines post, I reported the player w/ screenshots April 24th. It’s the 27th and I’m beginning to wonder if anything will ever be done.

Meanwhile, any player who teleports to the walled in obelisks is screwed. SOOO, am I being impatient? Should I hold onto any hope from and for Funcom?

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Considering that 25-26th were non-working days i.e weekend, you haven’t waited that long. They are 2 people reviewing all the reports. So yeah, you are being impatient in my humble opinion.


With the amount of reporting that they are most likely getting witch we will never know about I imagine they will be swamped. Most importantly they must be through so their isn’t kick back from people feeling wronged


Furthermore, they’re probably prioritizing reports of hacking, undermeshing and other forms of exploiting over inconveniencing buildings.

You might also want to try to contact the player or clan who built the obelisk-blocking structures and politely remind them that such structures are now against the rules, and ask them to remove them. (And if they do, you should also contact Funcom and tell them that your report is no longer valid.)


On the server where I play, I just talk to the clan, and solve it!
The clan removed the constructions that violated the rules. :grinning:

On another server it has been 8 days since you reported it and you are in analysis …

Due to the number of reports I do not give less than 1 month for the ban to happen (or not). But I believe that stopped they are not. :slightly_smiling_face:

It has been suggested below that a one (1) month turn-around is probable. This seems in line with the number of servers, a new implementation, and the staff involved.

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Thanks for the feedback folks!

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