Clan building around obelisks ruining the server

There is a clan on the Eu server 3202 who have built around every obelisk on the map so anyone who teleports to them can’t get out and is forced to kill them self and lose there gear surely this isn’t allowed ?

PVP? Then yes, it is allowed. PVE, then no, you should report it.

Funcom does not considering blocking exit from the vicinity of obelisks to be extreme examples of preventing players from playing the game. So they will not step in to ban those players or destroy the structure on any of the PvE, PvE-C, PvP official servers.

I don’t like that people do this, even if it’s strategic for PvP or PvE-C servers, but you do not NEED to travel via obelisks to get around the map which is probably why Funcom does not consider it preventing players from playing the game when they are blocked.

In another thread on something similar which has now been unlisted I gave some advice regarding dealing with blocked obelisks:
FIRST AND FOREMOST: put a signpost down on map rooms warning that the obelisk is blocked to try and prevent players from losing their gear

For a player who had attuned their bracelet prior to the obelisk being blocked in who teleports to it - gets trapped - dies. Well then you have to get creative to retrieve your gear: get naked (or maybe grab a religious tool in case the corpse is invisible but only use if the follower can carry everything in one port), put a bearer, fighter/archer or pet on follow, teleport back to the obelisk, get items off corpse and transfer to follower. Die (eg by selecting remove bracelet from main menu). Eventually your follower will port back to their last guard position. Repeat IMMEDIATELY with another thrall/pet if you need to get more items. (Dying will cause your follower trapped in the blocked area to NO LONGER be on follow so you can put another thrall/pet onto follow straight away. The thrall/pet you left near the obelisk will be but in “Scouting” mode after you die, and after a short time (15-20 mins usually) OR upon server restart in some cases, the thrall/pet will start the “return home” and eventually turn up in the last guard position you had them set to.)

For a player who hasn’t attuned their bracelet yet … well coming across the obelisk blocked in they will realise they can’t get out … so if you think you can get into attune your bracelet in hopes it gets clear later then: strip !!! put down a bedroll and chest nearby with all your gear … climb in …attune your bracelet … go to main menu and pick remove bracelet to instantly die and spawn at the bedroll and collect your gear.


Well written but you really shouldn’t have to have to go through all that hassle.

I feel for the original poster but sadly this is a daily topic!

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