Reports not being resolved and when followed up on they are ignored

So i saw this post earlier that is now no longer there and wanted to respond but like i said it is gone. So it is about a clan that is using exploits, abusing land claim, and other violations that have been reported by many people on the server. They have used the zombie exploit on multiple days, have crazy land claim with buildings and pvp flags, they have built around players and it has all been recorded or screenshot. Yet when they get reported for it all you get back is the generic it has been resolved and nothing happens. They have even sent mesaages admitting to using the zombies and building around players but still nothing. But they can make a report on players that have been there for a year or longer and have them wiped in no time and brag about doing it. It seems like they have devs in their pockets. Cause the TOS says Hacks and Exploits are not tollerated but this clan is clearly excluded.


If this is the one on Xbox it might be worth reporting it to Microsoft.

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