Reputation in game

How about having a reputation ranking in the game. If you are constantly knocking out folks or killing them, NPC’s gravitate more towards aggro on you than not. If you help people fight off other NPC animals and monsters or player characters trying to kidnap someone, you gain reputation and the are more incline to help you in some way (through gifts or even volunteering to be a thrall)


“…I see you’ve been helping others, please enslave me.” :rofl: :rofl:


I believe that in pve as long as you managed to stay alive you should had some buffs for rewarding, this however would have to follow the level of the mobs you kill too, because right now, if you know the map, except some nusty situations, you don’t loose your inventory too, so all that remains is what @anon83039162 said long ago, shame!!!


This one appreciates the humour in your post.
But on a pedantic side…

It’s probably more like:

“You’ve done us many favours, here, have a slave from our stock as a sign of our favour.”
This is a setting where people are commodities.
We can literally purchase (even if it says hire) thralls from the Black Hand.
Giving one away as a reward is perfectly reasonable.


hehee, I included his quote.

He said:

Was just a joke though :wink:


I’d love to see a reputation system, especially if it’s per faction. And if you establish certain relationship between factions (i.e. helping faction X also gains you reputation with faction Y, but loses reputation with faction Z), then it could get even more interesting.


Yeah it’d be neat if allying with one faction made it impossible to ally with another. So someone would always be your enemy. It could get a bit boring if you could de-aggro all NPCs just by not fighting them or something.


Great idea!

A time ago I suggested this too, but with a bit more complexity: tribes/races and religions should have at war or peace with each other, and you would have a reputation rank towards each of them.
If you kill a lot of A people, you get reputation up at B, but down at A, so B would be less likely to attack you, while A would kill you at all costs.

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Not impossible, I mentioned way back, before that time I played with Sea Dogs 2, which has this idea - kind of. And it was really easy to modify. I know it is a game from 2003, and way less complex, and easier to modify stuff in it, but the concept is not new and completely feasible.

The faction/reputation system is kinda half-assed implemented already, kinda.

There is a community value that indicates which NPCs help each other, with community -1 I believe being neutral (non-hostile unless attacked). I think this value also determines which ones attack each other as well.

I dunno how much work it would be to have a table tie into this community id number and tie that to each character (probably added to the table the character values are apart of), and then have events raise or lower each value. Where if you are above or below a certain value determines hostility.

The issue is community IDs are kinda wonky right now. There isn’t much rhyme or reason except when they don’t want certain NPCs attacking each other. So much of the work would be to logically reassign these values.

But as all this is tied to the character (for example, if I beat up Blackhand with my character, your character shouldn’t lose faction with them). This needs a bit of thought on how to implement. Also thought needs to be had into how mods will tie in. Many custom NPCs and stuff with Custom maps utilize community IDs already. But none of them are saved as part of the character tables currently.

Mods would welcome this I’m sure, especially those with custom factions. But its not an easy addition. But thankfully I don’t think its crazy hard either. Some of the work is kinda done.


The player race could be adressed too with this community ID.

Like if you are darfari then other darfaris will not attack you unless they are hungry :smiley:


I know now :rofl:
I read it correctly, but I have to write my comment for 10 minutes at least. It was in the morning after a 2 hour sleep in the heat, sorry.


A reputation mechanic, and the idea of npcs with the same race as the player won’t attack, would be great additions to the game.

This one is a touch harder since the race you choose is more or less a preset (hence why you can select Darfari, select face 1, give them pale skin, long red hair and they look like a Vanir/Nordheimer, defeating the purpose of choosing Darfari to begin with). Its not outside of the realm of possibility. The issue is how do you assign default reputation values to already created characters? Existing characters would need to be initialized, and would have default values.

Newly created characters would be the only ones reflecting new values in that case.

Also, outside of the Forgotten Tribe, Lemurians, and Heirs of the North… all the factions are multi-racial.

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No need to start fresh. Change it via the Orb of Nergal. It’s magic.

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No no no. That isn’t magic because the game doesn’t have magic yet…just like having undead followers…nothing magical here yet. Move along.


Nnneat. :thistbh:

@biggcane55 h/u

Would like to see this actually. I’d be rolling with the Dogs of the Desert and wage war against the Nordheimers.

As for the free thralls, you could get 4 tiers of reputation corresponding to the level of thralls you can “convince” to join you by talking rather than “taking them to the club”.


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