Request for Wak4863 and Firespark81

Hello You Tube gods

I’m hoping you see this. I have a favour to ask if that’s ok? I’m a HUGE FAN of your work, thank you for your efforts.

I’m playing a wizard build at the moment. At the moment I have loads of health by my stamina is very poor. Largely I have just enough to do one dodge and one or two weapon hits.

Can you guys experiment to work out a way to have decent health AND decent stamina while doing a wizard build??

Are there weapons that could help? Potions or food? Armor? What is the best build to max health and stamina while fully corrupted?

Thanks for everything


Those 2 have helped me out and I appreciate their help.


I will give you my way so far.
I use only 10 corrupted points in attributes and it still takes about 25 % of my pools. That means that I can use all the 20% spells, correct? I carry with me a warmakers weapon, grab it and go 50% at once, now I can use all the spells. If you have a good dancer with you, using stop and move, you can control the corruption healing.
That’s my way!


Thank you!


If you are on Siptah I would say Jhil gloves are a must.


@Wak4863 @Firespark81

Gotta tag the peeps you are trying to get ahold of.


I don’t know how to tag so thanks for doing that!

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i found this video of Firespark, hope it helps, im willing to do this build.


These two Youtubers ? Yes.

There is another.

See? Science !

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Nothing is worse then when I go from a Chad just horse informational video to a beta “HEY GUYZ THIS IS FIRESPARK” grating ear ■■■■.

Wak is okay, firespark is the worst information, rambling to make the video longer etc.

Just Horse is the best info wise, Cero is the best content wise.

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Wak posted a video a couple of days ago that might just be what you want:


I dont use half the stuff either of them talk about since i dont run their builds but its good to know just in case i want to switch.

Wak is my go-to.

Firespark is fine but I disagree with some of his assessments…but the data is sound.

Kiah on fire @KiahonfireOfficial is on equal footing, IMHO. She gives me information like she is spying on me and my searches over Conan information.

Eradicati0n is good info

Smskcntr is your go-to for base design stuff

Just horse is no nonsense, just the facts

And dark cat gaming is a good source of how some more dubious players play.


erjoh’s got the right of it.

Our content creator community in CE is pretty decent. But I would recommend using their videos for data and not opinions. Unfortunately in order to do their content creation, it takes way more time that they would otherwise be playing the game. So alot of their opinions does come from testing environments instead of practical use.

What is interesting is how much impact our content creators have. I’m not sure which one that did it (I don’t think its been any listed in this thread yet), but someone made spears to be the end all be all gospel of conan exiles about 4 years ago, and somehow that persisted to this day despite other weapons having buffs and spears being nerfed (twice). You can use that information to your advantage if you PVP. When everyone takes something as the holy grail, it makes for a really easy and simple counter.


there are a bunch. Another is Kliahonfire

I’m working on a corruption build right now. But was focusing more on a thrall commander build. Stamina is rough with the corruption but some quick keys would be light or medium armor for the faster stamina regen. Additionally adding herbal tea or a religious feast to your build would give faster stamina regen and can be stacked to 10. The bazaar lagate armor adds stamina for each piece which could also help but it’s out of rotation currently. If you’re on Siptah Gloves of Jhil are a must for stamina regen. I’ll keep stamina in mind for a future video and see what all I can find.


Thank you so much! Honestly you guys are the smartest analysts in gaming right now so anything you and Firespark81 think up will be awesome I’m sure!

Can’t wait!


I would love to see a study on the new stamina recovery rules for the 3 types (lmh) of armor cross referenced with the 4 general encumbrance levels (light medium heavy over). FC changed all that up this update and not sure how the numbers are working. Don’t mind me and my shameless plugs for specific content


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