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Hello, I’ve noticed something odd on my private server Dance With Death. A clan has built close by to Scuttlers Shortcut but not in it nor blocked it of from other players. Now that cave is not spawning in any gossamer. The boss an small spiders are still there but the gossamer is missing. The clan is not in the cave nor near its entrance. What is happening to the gossamer? This makes no sense that they are the cause it’s missing. I have circled the area and the marker that’s me is in the cave

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Hello @UnbreakableMare, NPC and resource spawns should only break if there’s player land claim overlapping their spawn points.

Do note that player claim has no limits as far as vertical space is considered, meaning that if there’s a claimed area on top of a mountain, caves beneath will be under that claim’s influence, as an example, so be sure to verify if there are any player built structures on top of the cave’s area.

But that would mean some of the hostiles would be missing as well seeing as I tracked my path in cloak mode and some creatures were in the claimed zone and I know they were killed and came back 3 times. Thankfully there are other places for gossamer but surely caves would have protection from this issue.

Thank you for your time Hugo, Appreciate it :slight_smile:

Look if you own the server their should be a way to trun down the land claim you just need to go and look at the settings

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