Respawning, anyone know what to do?

How do you respawn on Isle of Siptah?

I got a window up after i died with this; Bed button, Bedroll Button, Map, A respawn timer that ran down to 0 and stayed there.

No matter what i click or press nothing happens?

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If you shut it down, it should force a respawn. But ideally you should be able to choose one of 6 spawn locations including your bed and bed roll. I can tell you from experience this does not work flawlessly, and I have been force respawned recently after a massive lag spike and I’m still a little upset about it.

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…holy sh*t, havent they addressed this?


That was the first time it happened to me where I was forced spawn in several months, and again it was following a huge lap spike where I was surprised I even loaded back into the game.

Unless something has changed recently, its not a common occurrence.

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I been playing on Siptah ps4 since it came out have not had that problem are you on console.

I have read that using the LBPR mod can sometimes cause respawn issues as I believe it allows the player to build in a way that can block a spawn point (bed or bedroll).

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