Restarting Two Separate Servers On One Machine



I have a question that maybe someone could help me with.

I am running two Conan Exiles servers on the same machine. The Exiled Lands & the new Isle of Siptah.

If I run them both with the basic StartServer.bat file for each one of them, they both start just fine and run fine with no issues.

However, I also have a timed restart batch file for each server to auto restart them if they crash and also to restart them daily to keep them fresh.

This restart batch file for each server is configured correctly with all the changes needed to distinguish the servers apart so there is no conflict between them.

The issue I am having is that after the “ConanSandboxServer-Win64-Test.exe” Process is started on both servers, the secondary window it opens “Conan Exiles” (The one used to shut the server down) has the same name “Conan Exiles”.

Because the two separate servers have the secondary window it opens named “Conan Exiles” my restart command has a hard time restarting it’s particular server because it sees two processes windows named the same name. Is there a way to rename the secondary window named “Conan Exiles” to something else like “Conan Exiles2” in order for my restart script to find the right one to close?

Or is there another way to resolve this. Any help is appreciated!

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