Restore Unlimited Custom Map Markers for offline single Player

Please restore Unlimited custom Map Markers for offline single player. I have unreliable internet connection with low bandwidth so I play a lot of offline single player on PS4. I used to love mapping out resources and marking thrall harvesting spots and enjoyed the whole cartography aspect of the game. I had a map filled with markers making for easy resource runs.

I noticed with an update about a year ago, all my custom map markers were deleted. I was even more distraught when I tried to recreate my great cartographical work and I could not because the game now limits me to a only a few custom markers. I could maybe understand map marker limitations for online multiplayer.

But could you please restore in the next update Unlimited Custom Map Markers for offline single Player?

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Hey there,

There was a bug in H1 2019, introduced by changes to the map marker assets March 2, 2019, which occasionally caused all map markers to either stack up on some location in the Highlands area or disappear completely (they would not load on relog). Those affected had to recreate their map markers. The issue seemingly no longer occurs.

Let me know if you are still able to make as many markers as mentioned here:

I think the issue they are agrieved by is not an inability to create map markers, but rather the fact that we are limited to only 50 total. For some of us (myself included), that number feels woefully restrictive. Further, being as the OP is a PS4 player, they have no redress other than if Funcom themselves provide a solution.

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It’s a fair suggestion to increase the map marker limit with the map QoL improvements done and the map expansion dlc upcoming. It is in demand.

As for other games:

Witcher3: 10 markers
RDR2: ~15 markers
Atlas: 4 company markers and 8-12 personal markers.
Morrowind: infinite map notes (the game’s singleplayer only)

The game has to keep track of it. It’s just common logic ans optimization.(1)

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I just checked. I am playing single player offline mode on the ps4 .

I am at the starting map in the exiled lands. If I try to add another custom map marker it says I’ve “reached my player limit” and I only have about 10 customs!

As Larathiel said the bigger issue is not the that my customs map markers were deleted (a bummer but I could redo them) but that with the update, a custom map marker limitation was introduced that didn’t seem to exist before.

About a year ago I probably had about 150 or so custom map markers on the exiled lands starting map. I mapped everything from small clusters of desert berries to patches of yellow lotus with no limitation in sight. It made resource runs very easy and less tedious.

Now for me on offline single player on the PS4 there is a custom map marker limitation. I don’t see the necessity for this as whatever disk space a custom map marker takes up is (I assume) borne by my PS4 hard drive.

Regardless of space issues, the quality of game play is greatly improved with greater allowance of custom map markers as there IS a lot to keep track of. And that’s why I suggest a return to unlimited custom map markers at least for offline single player.

While the full limit of 50 may be more restrictive than I’d like, only being able to place 10 sounds more like the bug LoL linked to in their post.

To rule that out, try inspecting the map around (I think) G9 and H9 to see if you can spot any custom map markers all grouped up there. When that bug originally hit, ALL of my custom markers got stacked up there, and I had to delete them all one-at-a-time before I could place any new ones.


Of note is that map markers are deleted from the bottom up when stacked. So don’t hesitate to keep deleting them.

(In case you can’t delete the map markers the normal way, try the workaround listed on the Map wiki page I linked, but with ps4 controls. I believe this is not broken on consoles however.)

Thank you.

My customs were stacked exactly in that spot and deleting resolved it. Anyone else with this issue, use the red line icon in “edit markers” to delete customs. It takes awhile and seems to be doing nothing but eventually works.


Just a clarification. There WAS a 50 custom marker limit. Now that I remember I did reach it a year ago and was irked by it because I was on a roll and felt like the greatest cartographer since Henry Pelham.

The suggestion still stands though. Rather than “Restore” it should be “Allow” Unlimited Custom Map Markers for Offline Single Player.

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Thank you for confirming the issue :slight_smile:

As I mentioned before, there is demand for a higher limit than 50. While it might not be a high priority for Funcom to implement this, it’s a suggestion worth looking into. Other people will have to pitch in to get the ball rolling though!

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How about having unlimited personal markers stored on you local system and limited clan markers stored on the server


I second this idea.

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