Ability to save map with markers

It would be awesome quality of life function for player to save their map markers for future gameplay. Currently, you must memorize or use external conan maps for keeping track of point of interest on the map. It won’t become game breaking for user to be able to save their map pointers for future wipes, thus providing some sort of continuity and removing unnecessary frustration.

It’s improbable that this will be implemented, given the online interactive maps available. Also, once you visit and harvest or grind and area a few times, you’ll remember it.

A nice idea, but not practical since players could play on many different servers in a matter of days - keeping track of all the saved map-markers would be a little messy. But, what I do is just open man and do a screenshot. This obviously doesn’t capture all the details and only the icons, but it helps and may help you. Once you have the screenshot you can head over to the local screenshot folder and rename/tag/update as you wish.

There are some things like ghosts in relic hunter costume or hand appearing from sand, or 4 rabbits and dead body which i like to mark and remember general idea of location, since easter eggs dont appear on known interactive maps. The idea was just quality of life thing.

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