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Becouse there is no way to share map locations between guildies. And there is looooooads of interesting points on map. Like guildbases you would want to raid in the future or so. I spent last hour to look by myself, but with 0 results, so maybe you guys know some webpage, where you could upload JPG file (conan map) where then that image could be shared with other people and any1 could add/remove a map marker on that map and save so others could see it.

Hey, there. I don’t believe this is an official map or endorsed by the staff or anything buuuut.


Not asking about anyting official. A web site, a free software to do a web site so we can host it ourselves… anything would work

In case you missed it, Conantheslargarian linked you to an interactive map.

Yea I did notice. And this is a very useful map, that I think everyone know about. But it is not the thing I’m looking for. I’m looking for something where I can add my own marks, and share it with guildies.

Try this one

You are the Boss with big B Redrick, this looks exactly like what I was looking for :slight_smile: Will test it later when my friends are online, but from what I chacked atm it is almost perfect.

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Hijacking a bit here but a /waypoint command would be a really nice addition.

With no args it just creates a default icon at your current position, with coordinates as args it creates one at the specified position.

They could add a maximum effective radius if they didn’t want easy mode discovery.

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