Not sure where to put this, but is this legal?

I found this website when I was looking for an updated map for tomorrow. They’re asking for money to have access to their maps which to me should be completely illegal.

Why pay money when there are several guides like mine that have the maps. Some are more detailed than others. I chose not to name the locations to alow the player the fun of finding the name for it.

I was wondering about that, myself.

Putting it behind a user wall, I can see. But a PAY wall? That seemed a little hinkey.

I found that one as well Cattibria, I’m just wondering if something could be done. In case it’s a scam of some sort.

I doubt it’s a scam. But I DO doubt the legality of copying another companies ingame map with locations and charging money to see it.

Yikes. That is not something I’d be selling, personally. Saw it referenced in Reddit thread just now. The OP doesn’t refer to it, but peeps do downthread, so @Cattibria here’s one for your naughty spike:

That is one of many user generated maps that are out there.