Conan Exile hellp

Hey !
i whas wonder if any of you awsome Conan ppl have an extra code for steam on pc you coould donate to me so i can give my son so he can join the path of conan :slight_smile: or know any giveaways on the game to so much in advance my son going to be so happy :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

You son would probably be even happier if his parent just bought him the game instead of begging strangers for it.

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and maybee stuff happens in life that dosent allow ppl to be able to buy games so before you judge ppl think again and dont be rude ty

I got the game from Eneba.
I bought the Complete Edition, it’s the best thing, having all the DLC’s for 30-40$, instead of paying 30$ on the game and then 10$ on every DLC. - Conan Exiles - Complete Edition (All DLC’s, including Isle of Siptah)

wak4863 does some giveaways on his Youtube Channel, 2 weeks ago I’ve won Isle of Siptah, but I gave it away as I have the full game.
He did a lot of them, giving out the Complete Edition, some DLC…
He does good videos too!

Other than that, I don’t really know much.

Best of luck!

Personally, this is the first time I’ve seen this kind of comment.

I don’t think the admins will accept this kind of discussion.

then I advise you to delete your comment.

We don’t know you. So probably no one will agree to give you this .

because we cannot know if you are sincere

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