Return of an elder and questions

I would like to resume the Age of Conan game but before investing in a new subscription, I have a few questions:
Several of my characters are blocked, how can I unblock them?
I am in a deserted guild and would like to regain control of the guild, is this possible?
thanks in advance

When you purchase a subscription, you can unlock all of your characters. I have heard that GM’s will give control of defunct guilds if guild leadership has not been online for some time (unsure of the exact time frame) but I cannot confirm this.

It might sound like a stupid question, but how do you contact the GMs in the game?

Then use the pop up window. I think there is a faq about absent guild leaders. As far as I remember the highest rank has to be offline for 90 days, then the leadership can be promoted to one toon of the next rank, if online in the past 90 days, and so on down to the lowest rank.

Thank you, I will wait for their response

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