Returning player/New Player

Just a few questions:

Is clicksaver still around/any guides?

I see allot of people suggesting multiboxing to level. Is this necessary…do they dual log, or use multiple paid accounts? I played back in 2005-2008 so grouping wasn’t too difficult.

Any recent trader, or fixer guides for paid/free?

Thank you, looking forward to playing again.

MB is not necessity - When I level these days, I just use dual log (rarely) if needed. You can do plenty of levels alone when u know how to play. Since you are returning player, you should be good. There are dailiy missions and quest that can fly you through up to 130. Then there are regular teams on Ely Hecks/Tiigs made often. So don’t worry about XP.


Clicksaver is still around, you can find it here. :blush: If you need to refresh your memory on how to use it, have a look at the guide.