Returning player, resubbed two accounts. have lots of Funcom points accrued and some questions

Hi!, Just resubbed two merged accounts and did an inventory of what I have and would really appreciate any answers/help!

Question #1: I have 6614 Funcom points shared between both accounts, both have all expansions, luxurious armor, and the yellow phasefront vehicles but only one account has the portable bank and GMS unlocked for all its characters. I see they are available for funcom points on my other account but it looks like its for individual characters and not the whole account? can anyone confirm before I buy them on my 2nd account if they are account wide or not? thanks! if they are, what should I spend my funcom points on instead?

Question #2: What professions are broken and what classes are still viable/playable? My favorites and most played were my Mps, followed my Enforcer and Keeper and would like to play one or dual box two so am wondering if they are viable? My main goal is to explore higher level content I never experienced, do quests, follow the quirky AO story, etc. Not interested in min/maxing outside of what is necesssary to explore the game’s end game content. I am considering purchasing some heckler juice and boosting one char to 200 but see that they dont get any gear so you probably need an existing high level char to gather gear anyways? I have a 203 trader char but never really played it, just leveled it in groups and its gear is laughable. I spent much more time on my lower level MPs and will probably level one or both of them for sure. I am curious whats the best class for soloing, exploring, etc thats still useful in groups? I read that shades and crats are great but i never really enjoyed playing either of them. am I shooting myself in the foot to not play one? Are Mps viable?

Question #3: credits. i did a tally and have about 400 million credits total spread across all my characters. I see the GRACE keys are for sale on the marketplace for 7 billion and buy purchases for 5-6 billion. how much do they actually go for? I am assuming somewhere between 6-7 billion? considering buying and selling one grace key to be able to provide implants/etc for my new chars.

Question #4: rare/retired items I should check my accounts for? I had some rare items that have probably gone up in value but cant remember them all. had some dragon armor and a notum tank and a grid armor 3 nano. anything like that worth anything ? honestly cant remember whats what anymore. i going to go thru my old characters and clear/organize their inventories at some point but havent yet. tips for what to look out for would be appreciated!

Question #5: the UI! wtf is wrong with the UI! its all alien and weird! I want my classic ui back! how??? I remember UI and map mods back in the day, do they still exist? would love the old UI back if possible. the new UI is just too weird!


So I’ll try and answer these for you one at a time.

Question 1, your funcom points are account wide, the claimable items you can see are also account wide (each character can claim the items once), however most items bought for points are character only, this includes things like the portable bank. Hopefully that clears up some confusion for you there.

Question 2, this is a little more difficult to answer as there’s no real “Broken” classes, but for duo-boxing there’s various successful combinations you can look at. Most of the combinations include a tank and a healer, so Martial Artist + Crat or Doc + Enforcer. Shades and Engineers are some of the strongest soloers end game, but I don’t think you’d be shooting yourself in the foot if you chose not to play one. MPs are definitely viable.

Question 3, I regularly see grace go for 5Bn + between 6-7 is probably a decent guess.

Question 4, The price of a few things has gone up significantly, off the top of my head I can name the Nippy John Stilletos that are absurdly expensive, inf boss drops like Slippers of Screaming, Sword of Curiosity, Syndicate Messenger Gun etc… have all risen in price. When you’re talking about old items you need to consider things like Sub-Space Storage Devices, Pioneer Backpacks, but I don’t think any one has compiled a list of all the old items yet. You’ll have to go through your items and figure out which ones are worth anything yourself.

Question 5, as for this one, unfortunately most of the older UI skins have been lost to the aether of the internet. If you don’t like the current UI though I can recommend Notum Dovvetech Skins as an alternative. I use Edge Mini.

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I’d try to put something up to lightnet as WTS.
For example “WTS Pioneer Backpack PST” and you will get some offers from people who are willing to sell. That could give you at least a hint on the prices.
Some items increased in price dramatically, some are ridiculously low. I just saw that there are Sell Orders for QL140 Jobe Surveyor Personal Pistol for 400k and Jobe Explorer Personal Pistol for 17m. Last time I reactivated, these guns were 50-100m and 200m+. Times a’ changing… and somehow I want to start a pistol advy.

thank you!

Interesting, thats how it appeared in the shop for my characters without it, but one account ALL my characters have it. I think I got it in some previous deal thats no longer available when I got the luxurious armor(I think in 2015/2016). thanks for clearing up that confusion!

thats all I needed to hear :smiley:

okay :frowning: I figured as much, lol.

yay, thats the EXACT skin I was looking for! thank you!! <3 dovvetech UI

Thanks, I’ve read abit about the lightnet, will check it out tonight! Interesting about the price fluctuations, sounds like prices depend on the population, people actually being online and needing what you have as opposed to what something '‘is worth’

Off to install dovvetech UI and sift through my characters. thanks for the help friends!


The Luxurious Armour was a special offer at some point for getting a yearly subscription. I have it too :slight_smile: There have been more of these offers, for example last December with the Christmas celebrations. These are always account wide.

Welcome Back!

One thing about some of the account wide items. The Portable Bank had/as a limit on the number of characters it can be claimed on. I’m a bit of an alt-aholic and discovered this the hard way on my main paid acct when I added more character slots to it.

Also veteran points don’t carry over to new toons on merged paid/froob accts.

Veteran points do carry over to froob accounts and new characters.

Yup. They do carry over. Even to froob accounts. I can proof it by creating a new froob character and running out of the backyard to the veteran shop and get him 1000 tokens ricgt away.

H’mm, not in my experience do they vet points carry over. Have to sacrifce one of the lowbies on that acct and see :smiley: Back in a few

And the answer is nope. Brand New froob toon on a merged acct has zero vet points. Toons from before the acct merge nerf have 150-ish. Be interesting to see when I re-up the year sub on my main acct if the pre-merge toons get the increase or not but that’s almost 3 years away. (I’d re-upped & forgot and then one of anniv/holiday subscription deals appeared so now paid thru 2021.)

So for this test-- first logged a place holder merged acct froob Arete toon still in Arete…no points. Created brand new toon-- no points, logged off to desktop & back on-- no points, grabbed the credit card & ran toon to ICC, no points. Deleted him & rerolled (I like the name) parked him in the shuttle and still no veteran points.

Veteran Points are no longer obtainable for quite a while now.

That’s quite interesting. I started a new character yesterday and after leaving Arete, I went straight to the tower shop and got my 1000 tokens, yalm and recall beacons. I haven’t looked at the vet points before leaving Arete, so I can’t say if you get them when going to the main land.

Ut was also on a merged account, which should be far from eligible to have that many vet points. But when the account merge became possible, I looked and afaik every character on every merged account has the combined vet points of all these account. Which means:
Account 1 has 3 half years, so he has 6 vet points.
Account 2 has 1 half year, so he has 1 vet point.
Merge them and you get 7 vet points on all characters.

What i meant was, you wont get any additional vet points now if you buy more gametime. The Points you had are still there and available on every new character.

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Sure if I created a brand new toon on my main paid acct I’ll get the 150+ vet points. There will be no vet points on brand new toons on the single froob acct that is merged with my main acct. I found this out the hard-way went I went to re-roll a toon thinking “yay, instant yalm and beacons”…well crap!

And there’s no more acct merge as of April 13, 2016. On that merged froob acct, 6 of the characters are pre-Arete they have the 150-ish vet points. It’s annoying but not rage-quit worthy